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  1. Apparently a valeter. This car was definitely made on a Friday the 13th.
  2. Won’t be sorted. They’ve just called saying it’s been bumped and cracked the bumper. You can’t write this.
  3. Thanks for that post mate. Gives me a little hope! Fingers crossed I’m soon to get the niggles out the way and I can get out driving it for summer.
  4. Great! Thanks mate. It goes in tomorrow to find out what the clunking noise is and to do the tracking again.
  5. Anyone know why my passenger window drops when I open it, but then doesn’t lift back up when I shut it? Then I’d open again, it drops, but then same again, doesn’t go up. So literally opened the car door 5 times and it’s made its way half way down and doesn’t go up, unless you pull the window switch up.
  6. Gearbox seal came in early. Jobs been done. Told me tracking been sorted too. Drove it home. Tracking still off to the left and there’s a big clunking sound coming from under the car when I come off accelerator. Service closed until Monday so I’ll bell them then. Do you think I’m able to send it back and get refund? Been less than 2 months. Been in there 3 weeks. Bit fed up with it. Think I’d prefer to look for another one from somewhere else.
  7. I got a 10 sec video of the mechanic showing me the oil leak under the car when it first went in. But that’s the only communication I’ve had. Everything else has been me (and davey ) calling and asking what’s going on.
  8. So far I’ve been told they’re just changing the seal. Then new clutch and flywheel. Now just a seal and a bearing. At least if the clutch is ok, I know it’ll definitely be an exedy one. Good idea davey_83. Im home next week. And now I know I’ve got a 6 week wait, at least I’ve time to sort things.
  9. Thanks so much mate. Ha. It’s been a rough start to ownership. The plan of getting a nearly new one so I don’t get problems with it didn’t work
  10. Yes it’s westway Manchester chancellor lane. That would be more than kind mate. Can’t tell you how much it would be appreciated. ‭0161 273 2400‬
  11. Good thinking mate I know. Not filling me with confidence so far. Not what I asked. Already plan on calling them but thought best to email first to save a very expensive phone call. My problem is if they’ve already put the clutch in I will need to know how to check if what they’ve fitted is what I asked for. That was what I needed to know.
  12. What are the main differences in these clutches? And is the a way to visually check which clutch you have? Thank you.
  13. Westway aren’t replying to emails I’ve been sending since 18th. Can’t call them to request the exedy clutch as I’m in sunny jamaica. If they end up fitting the wrong clutch, and just try to say it’s the right one, is there a way to visually check the clutch to see which it is?





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