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  1. Theres no HR's for sale here atm after looking at all the usual sites gumtree, usedcars, autotrader. I think your blue is called night blue theres a post on the forum with all of the different colours.
  2. Theres nothing worse than going to view a car when its not as described!. Ah thats fair enough driver engagement is definitely a huge part of the experience for me his had a DSG which would of put me off it. I have been looking for one for about a month now..though living in N.I means i have limited choices. I definitely want the HR in either grey or blue like yours
  3. Welcome! Im still looking for my 350..i saw this on auto trader one of my favourite colours in the zed. What was the downsides about the scirocco apart from the lack of involvement? My friend had one and i have always thought they are nice cars.
  4. Welcome! thats a nice 370(: im currently on the hunt for a 350 would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the 370 as im also from N.I
  5. ah okay i didnt know this! my renewal is in September sadly but il play with the dates for the quotes and see what happens
  6. Yeah it would absolutely just be a weekend car and literally only drove in good weather. Cheers for that il see what that comes back as adrian flux on here are gonna ring on Monday fingers crossed!
  7. I can only dream of prices like that looks like il just have to keep on getting quotes and see what happens..but so far it looks like this year il not be getting the zed...crazy how it fluctuates so much though.
  8. Probably..doesnt help im in N.I Originally the cheapest was adrian flux direct then after that there was 1 or 2 companies..around the 1700/1800 range. il contact the specialists on here and see what quotes i get. everything is exactly the same in terms of my details i understand im classified as a younger driver and obviously there will be a premuim to be insured on a zed..but to get a really good quote and then when it comes to purchase time for this to happen is very frustrating
  9. the original quoted insurer was adrian flux direct the best i am getting at the moment is admiral. the only two comparison websites i have tried are go compare and confused...confused was orignally where i got the cheaper quote.
  10. Pretty frustrating for me though i understand i am a younger driver being 22 but i do have 3 years no claims...i see others on here my age and younger getting unbelievable quotes..i do live in a good area etc.
  11. Hi Guys Im wondering if anyone could shed some light or info on this. so around a month or two ago i was looking for quotes to get insured on a 350 zed. Anyway i was on confused.com and got a pretty good price. Around 1300 for the year  Now i still have the screenshot of the quote and its price. Including the name of the car etc. after saving up and going to Look at a zed. I went to get a more recent quote and the price has went up more £1200 which renders me unable to get the car. I havent changed any details or had any accidents etc. Around 2600/2700 without a black box now. Any information would be extremely helpful as i dont know why within a month or two im now unable to get insured. As its really went up in price. As with the recent quotes its just unfeasible. I understand quotes change..but this is just difficult to understand why it has so much.
  12. Hi guys! recently just joined the forum however i have been into Z's and cars in general for the past few years. I will hopefully be getting my 350 soon enough. If there is any other members from N.I that have a Zed or have had one i would love to have a chat and to get a better idea of what their like to live with. I've yet to even sit in a 350 so that will be something i will need to sort out!.





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