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  1. Nice project mate looks like your having a simular sump crossmember debate as I had with the jz. could you not notch the crossmember and box it back in to allow a better sizes sump I know a few people have done this when fitting a jz. Good work keep it up if I can give any help give me a message I know it's a different engine but might be able to offer some help with rad fitment etc
  2. Well I've put around 600 miles on the car since I did the conversion. The reason for the rush to get the car done was to use for my wedding as I got married on the 8th by the canal with my other toy/previous home a 1909 working narrowboat. The car performed well and I was pleased to meet my target to get it done for then I had the best day followed by two weeks in canada where I wished I had the zed. I was having some cooling problems but I'm hoping a new rad cap has sorted that. Besides that all seems well I have recently been able to give it the full beans and she goes very well the torque is noticeable and the difference in the top end is mad once the turbo comes in she the front end does feel fairly heavy so I think I may need a thicker anti roll bar any advice on this aspect would be great I also need to get a set of coilovers to set the car up better thanks for reading Ross
  3. Well update theive driven the car a fair bit had a few teething problems which I have ironed out but it seems OK so far she has passed her mot and made it all the way back to Buckingham I'm very pleased with how it drives here's a few pics after I gave her a clean up
  4. Hopefully although I'm prepared for a few teething problems here a few pics the exhaust shop has sent over liking as you can see in the pics a new w brace needs to be on the parts list
  5. Cheers for the nice comments the log book has come back with the alterations made so that's good and the cars exhaust is done and being collected tommorow so roll on the weekend
  6. Yeh I'm very pleased to have it rolling and relieved I don't have to pull the box of again to change the pivot ball. Im going to make up a badge that says 350jz one day when I get time but I do like the nissota lol
  7. That's the eventual plan! Update I made up a longer rod for the slave cylinder and the clutch is back! I started the car and it moves the clutch seems very low on the pedal so I'm wondering if i need a slightly longer rod. got the car outside for the first time in ages and of it went to have the exhaust done which should be done Wednesday anyway heres a few pics I also brought some new wheels for it thanks Ross
  8. Only around stock to start with about 300 but it will have the same torque at 2500 revs as a de at 6000 so it should be noticeable and around 450 one day :). Anyway more clutch bleeding and it still won't work correctly I've come to the conclusion my calculations must have been of when working out the throwout bearing reach. I needed 6mm extra reach and added one extra washer under the pivot ball to allow more throw. I could really do with a favour if someone could nip under their car and measure the distance from a point on the slave to the clutch fork with the pedal up that would be amazing as this gives me a stock measurement to compare mine to I have shown a picture of mine
  9. The car is running a 350z gearbox with a 350z clutch so the clutch system is only using 350z parts thanks for the thoughts though
  10. I spent quite a while working out the throw and it should work OK I had to space the pivot ball in the gear box out with an extra washer to get 5mm extra forward throw but with the custom flywheel their wasn't a massive difference I think I'm still having bleeding issues thanks for the help
  11. Few more updates fitted a new master cylinder I now have half the pedal back but it still won't return after half way we also tried making a slave cylinder extension but that also failed I'm a little lost now as to what this could be and about 2 days of bleeding in total getting fed up with lieing under the car
  12. Cheers for the input guys I have used the 350z gearbox but I have already changed the slave cylinder and put a braided line on so I have now ordered a master aswell. The car is booked in to have the exhaust done on the 11th of next month so hopefully after that it will be ready for a shake down thanks for looking Ross
  13. I was thinking the same looks like that's the next move cheers 350 butcher
  14. I started of with that method 350 butcher but wasn't getting far you can get it to the point of around 1/4 of the clutch pedal has feel but you can't get it to return on its own. You start building up pressure then all of a sudden the pedal goes again and won't Come back I've flushed about 1 litre at least though the system



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