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  1. Dealers will pay you CAP/ Glass pricing guide for your car. I sold mine privately a few months ago. These aren't the type of cars you can value off a guide. Mine for instance, a 2005 with 64k mileage in gunmetal with fsh capped at £4,500 however I sold it privately for 7k with people fighting over it. If you value half a day of your time worth £2,500 I would suggest cleaning it up, photographing it and advertising it online and inviting people to come see it. Then buy your 370z with no part exchange.
  2. Update: CAR SOLD MODS PLEASE LOCK I miss the car already, il be sure to hang around on the forum and see what everyone is doing. This forum was part of the reason I bought a zed, much better than the z4 forum I also joined all those years ago!
  3. I am selling my Nissan 350z 3.5de GT Coupe finished in Gunmetal Grey WV2, Registered on 07/07/2005, I have owned this car since 2015 and it has served me well. The 3.5 V6 engines in these cars are very reliable as you can see from other listings with 150K + examples. HPI report & Health checks provided showing this car is in good working order & all receipts included covering spendature over my ownership including every fuel receipt since I’ve owned the car – run exclusively on either Shell V Power 99 ron or BP ultimate 97 ron. The Cobra resonated exhaust was bo
  4. Mighty Car Mods have purchased a project 350z to get back on the road. I like they have a great friendship and the comedy value along with their content. Purchasing: https://youtu.be/yyAGsD110tY Fixing https://youtu.be/7JR6mrchkTg Enjoy!
  5. Rip fellow ginger and zed owner! Such a shame, so young. Was he a member on here?
  6. I love the question 'Do you know why I've pulled you over'? I bet a load of people land themselves in murky water by suggesting something the police officer hasn't even considered!!
  7. Iv been breath tested only once, when I was pulled over in my first ever car. A Peugeot 106. I blew a 0 as I told the officer I would. What annoys me is how the plod fire questions at you, trying to make you admit liability or be in the wrong. 'we had to do 50 to catch up to you, you must have been speeding'. Then when you explain the law of basic physics and how it's impossible to catch a car in the distance by doing the same speed as said car, your being cheeky! I'd make a good police officer. I'd be great at mixing peoples words up and catching them out
  8. Leave some clout nails lying in his space pointy side up If he has a bollard there isn't much he can do, apart from maybe two bollards? If circumstances allow. Or call up a couple of friends and carry away the motorbike and place it a few blocks away? Edit: When I was younger we once hid a friends motorbike behind a wheelie bin whilst he was in the newsagents. Understandably he wasn't happy when he came out!
  9. No, wait, Doc. Doc. The-the-the bruise on your head, I know how that happened. You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet and you were hanging a clock, and you fell and you hit your head on the sink. And that's when you came up with the idea for the flux capacitor.
  10. I put her on because she lowers my premium! As others have said large insurers don't really care. Iv only got a modified exhaust and that doesn't make much difference either.
  11. Little Britain style 'computer says no'. I didn't think any claim would be logged against their address? We're in a cul-de-sac and I'm at the end and they're pretty much next door. I did think about questioning it with insurers but then thought maybe my premium was wrong and they would knock mine up. Kept hush!
  12. Today was the day I decided to sort my insurance out, 30 days before it expired. Iv found premiums to be lower the earlier you purchase them. Pretty much exact same circumstance and criteria as last year, with exhaust declared and no mods, which worked the premium out to be £302 with a £100 compulsory and £350 voluntary excess making £450 total. I hit search/ calculate on a popular comparison website and quotes come back at £570 premium with a £750 excess. I search through my data input to see if there's anything drastic I had got wrong, I had. I'd gone of
  13. Mines set at 5500, as I like to have sufficient warning I'm approaching terminal velocity. Ill be honest, I only really notice it when on motorway slip road
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