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  1. Cheers anyway fella - just our of interest, if I'm having a new windscreen, do I NEED this strip or is it cosmetic?
  2. Hi All, I'm after some rust-free wiper arms, and the thin rubber strip that goes accross the top of the windscreen - anyone able to help?
  3. I'm after some rust-free wiper arms, and the thin rubber strip that goes accross the top of the windscreen - would you have those? (Mines not a roadster but I'm assuming these parts are interchangeable?)
  4. Where in the midlands (I'm in Chesterfield) can I take this to get sorted? Abbey is favourite but a bit far away...!
  5. My best guess is valve seals...once the initial puff if smoke is cleared subsequent starts produce none....leave her overnight and it's back.
  6. SO I've started getting a puff of smoke on startup combined with a bit of stuttering- not when I turn the key, but the first 3-4 throttle blips the car falters and a bit of smoke -after that she drives fine. Its a 03 DE at 105k miles but the engine was swapped and only has around 45k on it. Feels too soon for rings or valve seals, any ideas on likely cause?
  7. You got pics of yours as reference? I'm doing it purely because I love the wide look, and I like the look of arches 'added on' so wouldn't go the rolling route you describe. And yeah I'm in the market for wheels and tyres to match, I love the look of deep dish wheels too but they're proving hard to find as well!
  8. I'm wanting to go wide-arch on the Z but am struggling to find aftermarket over-arches or whatever you want to call them - can anyone recommend a supplier/product that ships to UK? If it helps, I'm leaving bumpers standard, it's just the arches I need...
  9. Each to their own I guess...! I actually love that 'bolted-on' look with the visible bolts!
  10. Thanks - this is surely the correct way round to do things!
  11. Been entertaining this idea for a while but this post just nailed what I want to go for - I have a few questions - Where's everybody buying their wheels? I love some of the stuff on Driftworks, any other good stores? If I want staggered, with a deeper dish at the back, do I need spacers at the front? Or does this depend on the amount the arches stick out - do the rear arches need to be bigger for that look? And finally - where can I get arches like that which suit the original bumpers?
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