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  1. Hi has any one done any sort off wireless charging pad in the center cubby by the hand brake to charge there phone? Just looking for inspiration
  2. Ok thanks that's what I was kinda thinking
  3. luke22685

    Stock cats?

    Hi do these look stock or aftermarket?? Normal flow or high flow??
  4. Bluetooth module wanted
  5. Thank you, after picking it up I have noticed it has a scorpion cat back exhaust :), see has k&n stickers on the air boxes but haven't opened them up to see if there is k&n in there but if it has its saving me some extra money as was upgrades I was going to do, i am looking for the Bluetooth adapter though
  6. Hi all new owner in dorset to a 350z, 57 plate 2008, Gunmetal grey, GT pack
  7. Ok, could it be road noise from the rears?
  8. Hi currently looking to buy a 350z, took One for a test drive but at high speeds over 60 I noticed a whine from behind you like the diff, is this normal on these or has it got a diff problem it's a 2008 (57 plate) with 80k miles
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