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  1. The housing has been cleaned and restored so it’s all clear. are there recommendations for bulbs? Does anything like the electrical / ballast system need consideration or does that not degrade?
  2. I seem to remember the Xenon lights being good when I got the car.. but they're awful now and I'm sure they're a lot dimmer than they used to be - they certainly don't throw very far either. Has anyone else experienced this and what can be done about it?
  3. Cool, I’ve pinged them a message and will see!
  4. I’m in the south but it seems good re-trimmers are in the north so perhaps a few day trip is needed..
  5. As the title says. With my ‘53 getting on a bit now I’ve no intentions of replacing it and would like to keep it well maintained and happy. what would people recommend for ensuring it doesn’t rot away beneath me?
  6. It looks good! Do you know what he used to respray the trim pieces with?
  7. That looks decent! I wasn’t aware there were kits for this sort of thing - do you have a link?
  8. Whereabouts and can you share the cost / before and after pics?
  9. My issue is actually with the backrest panel which has split completely and needs replacing / some magic. The bolsters are OK but starting to look a bit worn. I'm out of the country a lot so I can leave the car really anywhere as long as they're good enough..
  10. Based on your experience - is there anyone you'd recommend now who could repair tears in the OEM leather seats to achieve the OEM look? I'm not interested in going the aftermarket route..
  11. May I ask how much you paid for one? I see one but it's £35 which seems a little steep...
  12. I really don't want ghetto. OEM for me!
  13. Poop. Anyone have a good condition cap then?
  14. Just the cord is needed, mine snapped this morning!





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