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  1. Some photos Alex, they are not low max that’s Bride 🥴the are Evos . Thanks mate
  2. Sounds great. Can you send me photos of the seats and wheel please mate. And will let you know later. I’ve just going to check that they won’t cry about anything else on the car first.
  3. Yes , Alicante. They don’t like modded cars here😆they looked at me like I was crazy at the ITV station 😆
  4. Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone is interested in swapping some 350z GT leather seats and GT wheel for mint sparco low max seats with buddyclub rails , takata harness, and nardi steering wheel with a NRG boss. I just tried to put my Z through the Spanish ITV and they were horrified 😆. Mike
  5. It’s ok guys, found it. The 8mm bolt you can see in the photo at the side of the grey plastic moves the beam sideways ITV time soon.
  6. Hi guys, at this very moment I am trying to adjust my head lights on my 53 DE for continental driving as I now live in Spain. I have just tried to adjust the drivers side after seeing the diagram in the previous pages, but the large adjustment wheel only moves the beam up and down not side to side. I can’t find this other adjuster , is it hidden anywhere? My car is a early Z vin 3048,does that make a difference to adjusting? Any help would be great. Mike
  7. My centre console had always annoyed me since I bought my Z. The Scratched paint needed sorting and I don’t have the time to remove and paint. So I tried a few paints, then I found a technique that works quite well. I used Matt Tamiya acrylic paint and dry brushed it over the scratches, allowed to dry then used car wax over to restore the satin finish. Really happy with the results. First photo is before, the other two after.
  8. I had that code a few months ago. It was a coil pack. Mine was number one.
  9. Nice AW11 . Fantastic little cars. Loved mine
  10. My daily is a FN2 type R. Awesome car, cheap reliable, and fun.
  11. Spent a couple of hours waxing and polishing today:)
  12. Just the buddyclub side mounts that came with the rails. They are very good quality, and you can get your driving post just right. Not enough adjustments for my youngest though
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