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  1. I'm surprised this is still for sale mate. I wish I had waited a little bit longer
  2. Is the gemini not a true dual system? Or does it merge to single?
  3. Interested. A brand new boxed one wouldn't be much more than this though
  4. Keen on the side skirts. Should have asked about these when I bought the car haha
  5. I figure not with that offset in the rear. They'll look awesome fitted to a nice z though. Glws man
  6. Those work wheels wish I had 2k lay about, that's exactly how I would have them
  7. So much want and so little money 😫 in sure these will sell real quick. If I had the cash I'd be at your front door right now
  8. Hey guys, new Z owner and new to the forum. Is it too late to throw my name in the hat?
  9. Does that mean it is still for sale then? haha



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