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  1. Changed all the coilpacks and spark plugs, sadly made no difference. Also done MAF, fuel pump, crank position sensor, PCV valve, vac leak test, compression test....
  2. P0300 random misfire is the only code it's generating. Which is why it's been so hard to track down
  3. I could try swapping the cats if we can get the nuts off
  4. Bumping this thread because I managed to get my hands on a proper Snap on OBD reader and got these readings while the misfire was occurring. Can anyone help interpret this or does anyone know if this points to anything in particular? One of the O2 sensors on bank 2 is jumping between rich and lean very quickly
  5. I can send them a message. Does any of what I've described sound like it points to anything in particular though while I wait for a reply?
  6. North Manchester. Can do anywhere in the North West
  7. As the title suggests... I have a rev up 350z with 133k miles on it which had a misfire when we got it. The check engine light flashes from start up and sometimes disappears under load but the car sounds like it's missing a cylinder. It sounds really rough, although it doesn't stall or splutter. A weird point to note is unplugging coil makes NO difference to the sound or speed of the idle. None. No matter which cylinder. Which seems mental to me. And I've checked that the wires for cylinder 4 and 6 are the correct way around. Cylinder 3 had a particularly black spark plug but changing all coil packs, all spark plugs, and the injector on that cylinder didn't make it go away. We've replaced the PCV valve, tried a working MAF sensor, removed and inspected the flywheel (incase it was a timing thing), changed the fuel pump, none of this worked. We compression tested it dry and all cylinders were consistent (at the lower end psi-wise but within the limits according to this forum), and the only code it throws is p0300, nothing else. I'm really struggling to understand what's going on here and really need some suggestions for what to try next
  8. This is a bit of an unusual one but I feel it's worth sharing with everyone because I feel Adrian @ torqen has gone above and beyond here. I've had my 350z now for a couple of years and buy pretty much everything from Torqen because if it exists, they can probably get it. Even if it isn't on their site they can probably get it. Now I've always wanted an S15 silvia and the time came a few weeks ago where I realised that if I don't get one soon I probably never will. In the next year or 2 they'll become available to import into the states and the prices on all discontinued Japanese cars has rocketed in the last few years. I also decided it would probably be best if I could get one imported to minimise the chances of it having any rust from our dirty roads and it would probably work out cheaper than getting one already here. People do it all the time, how hard can it be right? I start doing my research as I do with everything before I dive in and straight away I'm seeing issues. To buy an old car in Japan you pretty much have to do it through Yahoo auctions which means you need an address in Japan, a Japanese mobile number, and a Japanese keyboard to pass the captcha security just to make an account. There's also a lot of mixed information out there about duty, shipping costs, taxes, and various other fees. This is where Adrian steps in. I messaged him asking for help (he replied immediately as he always does - even at 4am), with all the info I needed. But then he went a step further. I found the car I was happy with - a big project but I have big plans for it so pain, engine, gearbox, bumpers etc weren't priority. Just a rust free, full interior shell. Adrian said he would take care of the rest. He and his contact in Japan have purchased the car on my behalf, prepared the car for shipping by fitting various parts to allow it to pass through customs freely, transported it to the docks, arranged shipping... All I have to do is pay the tax when it arrives and drive it away. It has been so easy for me that I told him he should offer this service to everyone and I believe he soon will be doing. I can't thank him enough and encourage everyone to speak to Adrian at Torqen if they are thinking about importing anything. TLDR; Torqen can get you pretty much anything from anywhere, even an entire car from Japan
  9. I'm surprised this is still for sale mate. I wish I had waited a little bit longer
  10. Is the gemini not a true dual system? Or does it merge to single?
  11. Interested. A brand new boxed one wouldn't be much more than this though





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