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  1. The 370Z and Nismo emblems are still both available. Open to offers on both now as the Z has been gone over a year.
  2. Free to a good home, passenger side pipe from the "Y" section of a 350Z invidia Gemini. Was given this for free, haven't actually needed it so offering it for free collection in Solihull, West Midlands. Mods, no pics i'm afraid but seeing as its going for free I hoped that would be ok.
  3. Week 23 2016 Though i'm afraid it has just sold elsewhere. Emblems still available.
  4. Prices dropped and now inc delivery. The tyre especially is a bargain!
  5. nrenz123

    I need tyre help.

    I have an 275/35/19 MPSS for sale brand new if interested?
  6. The shape doesn't look quite right on the front to me.
  7. I don't know what this is but I want to see more.
  8. Surely once the car is moving the air will flow so quickly that it's not going to get a chance to warm up *that* much over ambient? Perhaps at low air velocities, but I cant see there being much difference in temperature when the CFM is high when using an intake that's drawing air from the front of the car which is moving (Stillen gen 3 for instance).
  9. Price drop on the tyre. As new, bargain for a spare/replacement.
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