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  1. Edit: I don’t think I deserve a warning simply for responding to members that are quoting me. But whatever
  2. I haven’t remapped my car since switching to a Motordyne shockwave so I don’t know. It was around 360bhp with the ark grip but the ART Pipes and Motordyne shockwave really is a fantastic combo, the best IMO they are designed to go together. The Motordyne shockwave is a beautiful exhaust, it expands from 2.75” to 3” I believe and it seems to be very free flowing. After a spirited drive the exhaust titanium tips are not really hot at all. Strangely they are only warm and you can touch them no problem. I’m not sure but maybe thats an indicator of how free flowing the exhaust if it expells the gasses and heat so quickly without restriction, back pressure. That’s just my theory anyway. I’ve had a fast intentions cat back also. With Ark grip I made around 360bhp. The shockwave such a good design and is definitely less restrictive. Maybe it gains me 5bhp-10bhp who knows. I will remap it next service. And i need to do some drive by clips. I’ll say again, I really recommend ART Pipes and the shockwave cat back it has an exotic different note due to the helmholtz resonators.
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/nOtyR52 it’s quieter than it sounds and with windows closed under 4000rpm it’s quite refined but there’s always a low constant burble to be heard outside. Climb the Revs and the v6 note gets higher pitched yet still deep. It has to be the most unrestrictive setup, I had about 360bp with my Ark grip but the shockwave is so much more free flowing I’m gonna claim 370bhp now even though I can’t be sure, it’s guess.
  4. IIRC that’s the expensive and loud titanium CBE? Even HFCs will make it silly loud. It’s ART Decats you need to reduce drone, rasp and volume. I’ve got one connected to my 370z Motordyne shockwave which isn’t even too loud. Heres pic of 200 cell custom cat similar to berk, then the stock 400+ cell core which is much longer and a vid of my ART Pipes plus shockwave cold start
  5. A shorter FD I Guess for better alleration and torque in gear, as the Nismo. Almost like turning 3rd gear into 2nd gear depending how short. Especially 3rd and 4th would pull much harder. I think up to 400bhp NA would be fine with heat in tyres a Mich PS4s or pilot cups especially flat power/torque curves. with AD08s 1st would be entirely usable foot to the floor I reckon. Mine on mich PS4s can do 0-60 1st into second without breaking traction unless tyres are cold. That’s with 360-370bhp and no passengers and in the dry. But ECUtek adjustable TC can sort it these days. On my old supercharged FN2 a longer FD only cost £90. I wonder if they’re straight bolt on and you could maybe get one from a breaker and swap when doing the clutch but who knows.
  6. He’s not been online since I offered to buy it, understandably so I’m gonna try contac him
  7. Now I recall this is the expensive one isn’t it. I will take it for £40 if you still have it and it’s the one in my photo above?
  8. I also have them connected to a Motordyne Shockwave and the combination is probably the best sound you can achieve with a 370Z IMO. I would have thought £450 was a bit over priced but evidently there is a demand for it, if I didn’t already have them, I’d buy them because these won’t come up often They’re much quieter than HFCs but only tune the exhaust note do frequencies like rasp or droning are cancelled out within the chambers. so it functions the same on all aftermarket CBE.
  9. Just realised I have alreasdy asked the question long ago lol. Your kit lives on anyway, I’m lucky to have snatched that up. I don’t need it (touch wood) but i’ll offer £20 delivered if the guy before me does not want it. If you are Nathan I already I have your account details
  10. Is this the same Nismo emblem on my Nismo kit? Are you not the guy I bought it from ? I don’t even remember lol
  11. I need my rear brakes replacing both sides. I might get the fronts done too if these go well. I’m not even if it has stock pads on, probably has I ordered MTEC grooved discs which were pretty cheap, then EBC Redstuff pads should be a noticeable upgrade. Thanks to Chris from Tarmac. Only fast road pads and on the rear but as I’ve read they bite a bit harder and the Akebonos already have virtually instant pedal response. I think the same all round might be real good. I’m not sure whether drilled/slotted and all that would be beneficial. Not worried about cracking but I don’t drive my Z hard enough. So all the time they are not overhearing, are they not sacrificing surface area and stopping power a bit? I doubt there’s much in it anyway as I see many better sports cars with them, they probably reduce brake fade too - but I won’t be getting them that hot. then there’s race pads too that would eat my discs, I’d have to get better discs and so on. I still haven’t haven’t finished or started a review or my thoughts on the shockwave yet. It’s fantastic Maybe on a joint or something i’ll attempt it. It’s the combo with the ART Pipes, other resonateD HFCs might replicate this too but I can only confirm the the ART Pipes. I’ll say to anybody considering perhaps in the future buying the Motordyne Shockwave to not be dissuaded or discourages and definitely combine it with ART Pipes. It is NOT too loud and it’s all designed to work magically together. The 4 helm holts resonsonaors play a role too, as does its design and 3” extra flow
  12. This is now sold to Dave_7, and payment has been received. it had to be sent in two boxes and although still in my possession they are boxed up ready to be collected by Hermes today. In fact it was due for collection on Saturday but they seem to have messed up somehow. Mods please keep open until Dave_7 states he’s received the exhaust, should be by wed/Thursday . Thanks
  13. Apologies if this is the case, i’m not sure if you’re one of the guys on facebook messaging me? I personally think £750 is a bargain already and I think a few others know this! Like you don’t often find one for sale in this condition for virtually half price. Either way the trouble is most couriers will not accept over 30KG and the box which it 165cm long. I am trying Shiply but I am not sure how trustworthy this site is. I around East Sussex, I’ve advertised on one FB Group and this is certainly the most popular exhaust generally speaking. It’s a level above the entry systems as well so I can wait a bit longer at this price. I could evev drive an hour or so, I’m wondering if it would all fit in my 370Z, £30 in fuel would get me a fair distance.



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