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  1. Who can I go to fit one of your system to a 370 nimso please would like separated tunes .?
  2. Hi Sorry was a bit of a silly message sorry. I have cancer and some off my messages are madness. It's my wife that the nimso 370 it's 6 months old. I would change the exhaust to show what of a real car should be. It's done 5000 miles. If you could reposted that great garygti
  3. I would like to up date more power and more power who to recommend I should take car to have it done South West please , thanks all help would be good ?
  4. Mine just collected in september 17 now under a cover through the worst winter it's the Nimso version in bright RED
  5. Now in a new 370 any meets taking place not been a 300 now for 3 years,,!
  6. Did u ever sell the car, interested if not !
  7. Hi if your interested I would offer £8250.00 wityh all the bits and the silver wheels left on the car cash. Down In Exeter, Devon. Been without a Z for a year now and missing it. PM me if interested! garygtd@btinternet.com
  8. For reason best left to the buyer he pulled out so the car is still for sale now sub £8K feel like I cannot give it away, such a shame a totally wonderful and great car. I do not have a steel bonnet for it unfortunately the previous owner had sold it! I have an exterior car cover OEM one and a quick shifter that I will pass on with the car, any inspection welcomed! Was going to upgrade to a 370 changing my mind now.
  9. I bet you struggle!!! I have similar car although modified more than yours and with 50% less miles and I cannot give it away at the moment, was going to upgrade to a 370 however these Nissan cars plummet like a stone so not going to bother now!!!!
  10. Hi Guys the engine was built by Abbey after the previous owner installed a Cosworth Plenum and found it had done virtually nothing to increase performance, so he enquired as to how to unlock its potential. I guess he was faced with forced induction or increase the efficiency of what he had hence why the engine internals were changed. I agree and Mark has stated that the car would now not lend itself to forced induction. The engine was built to produce more power and smooth out the delivery of said power. Which it has and to get 310BHP from one of these units is impressive. I can post the Dyno sheets if you guys are interested. The gearbox started to crunch on the road test at the supplying dealers and they agreed to sort it before I took delivery. It was the normal weak synco that they do suffer from and we ended up spending 1400.00 overhauling the box. The car pulls like a train and will never be a standard sleepy slowish Z that’s not what I wanted I had come from a big turbo Subaru WRX STi. These cars are not about straight line speed in standard form they are about looks and style and handling. That’s what I wanted but I also wanted something that would not get burnt off by your average family hatch which most Z suffer from ( more than enough post on hear bearing that out). I do get confused when I read some of these post as not a Z owner on hear that’s not modifyingg their cars and yet when I offer a modified one for sale its wrong as well
  11. Hi guys what’s wrong with my add /car be honest am I asking too much, although with these mods and mileage I felt the price was fair, looking for sensible feedback please.?
  12. docwra I will scan the invoice from Abbey and post up minus prices etc. M13KYF thanks it worked very helpfull. Not getting any interst I thought at this milage and amount of mods it would be worth around 8K although thinking not now !!
  13. OK all I have dropped the price to were I feel it should now be but going no lower as would sooner keep the car ,this is no ordinary Z and with a full history and very low miles its got to be worth what Iam asking. Will try to post some more pictures over the weekend. Sorry I had MOT date wrong its 2014 ! £8000 OVNO Nissan 350Z GT Registered 2005 32K miles Full service history Kuro Black with tan leather interior The car is a two owner car with much money and time spent on modifying the car from standard. Engines rebuild at Abbey Motor Sport in 2010, this was done to increase compression ratio and therefore more power. Forged Race piston rods etc etc The Engine has been mapped by Abbey. Motor dyne Arts and Y pipe with HFC Competition bush kit to drop arms Lower strut bar bush kit Camshaft set 264 degree Upgraded alloys Cosworth Plenum chamber Red samoc house set Stilen cold air induction system Engine bay grounding kit Carbon fibre fluted bonnet Carbon fibre mirror covers plus full interior carbon cover set Complete gearbox overhaul and rebuild in 2012 Mot until July 2014, Taxed until Jan 2014 EBC slotted rotors with EBC yellow stuff pads Full file with service invoices and old MOTs
  14. S o uprated anti Roll bars if I had read the acronym correctly, any thoughts on make and type ,think I saw some used ones on hear a couple of weeks back. Should I change the bushes at some time then ?





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