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  1. ricey...i make you right and it was my intention to do so so today ive taken yet another unpaid day off to deal with this poxy car.as it stands the dealership failed to do as they promised or even bother to contact me (no suprise there) today has been my first opportunity to take the car to a specialist other than nissan due to the facts ive been back and forth to the dealer ,his garage that serviced it,dealer had the car for days on end. ive been to kaizer motorsport for a diagnosis and guess what.....I WAS 100% CORRECT ON EVEYTHING I SAID!!!! ALL THE ADVICE I WAS GIVEN BY THE PEOPLE
  2. The initial knocking that started on the drive home was not there on the test drive (which was about 10 mins long,but engine was left running for a further 20 mins) In-between me paying deposit and collecting the car it had an oil change,before the oil change it run quietly and sounded like a healthy engine,after the oil change it sounded like a bag of spanners in a washing machine...... Whether the previous owner added an oil thickening additive to quieten it down is unknown I was told to run the car for an additional week to see if it changed,whether this caused further damage is unkno
  3. They've already had the car for 8 days to assess/repair it,in which time they did absolutely nothing and claimed it made no noise at all!! Even though it could be clearly heard knocking away like crazy from over 10 feet away and 3 staff members agreed on that. From what I've read I'm only obliged to give them one opportunity to assess and repair the car,so I think I'm being more than reasonable with them considering the running around I've done and costs I've incurred already As for being a 10 year old car with 70k,that does not mean they can sell something that is not fit for purpos
  4. And so it continues...... Had a few extra issues appear with the car now.. intermittently sticking rear caliper. creaking from front passenger side when turning steering. noticed a buckle on the dish of the rear wheel (causing vibration at around 70mph which I thought was balancing). Exhaust rattling. Intermittent cam chain rattle. Clicking rear axle. Still getting the top end knocking but not as bad. Decided enough was enough and tried returning the car today,unsurprisingly the boss 'victor' wasn't there,I ended up waiting around for 3 hours for him to get back to me his solution wa
  5. Oil change done with the 5w 30 at Nissan, Had a listen to it was still a slight tapping noise but after giving it a few revs and 20 mins run its quietened down a lot more than it was sounding. Had the gtr specialist listen to it and they were kind enough to park a 54 reg with only 34k next to mine and they sound very similar.he says it sounds like all other 350's he's worked on. So hopefully that's problem solved,gonna see how it goes for a couple of days One of the fuel dampers has vibration compared to the other so maybe that might need a change at some point but it seems an easy enough
  6. Thanks Randy baton,mine is the gunmetal colour,had a look at that link you posted and it looks like there's a zed (the one with the wiggly font number plate) that has my wheels or very similar but in a different colour combo that I think looks perfect 👌 Quick question....as mine is going into Nissan for an oil change in the morning what grade oil do you knowledgeable lot recommended..... I know it's supposed to be fully synthetic 5w 30 but I saw a post on Facebook earlier saying Nissan recommend 3 different oil grades? Also from the comments I read people were suggesting a part synthetic
  7. Got her booked in for Wednesday at Nissan,fingers crossed it'll be ok with the oil change as I'm falling more in love with her every day and I'm itching to fit a nice exhaust and change the colour of my black wheels. Anyone else got the dark silver/grey colour with decent wheels,I'm looking for some inspiring pics to help me choose what colour to change them to
  8. Got her booked in for Wednesday at Nissan,fingers crossed it'll be ok with the oil change as I'm falling more in love with her every day and I'm itching to fit a nice exhaust and change the colour of my black wheels. Anyone else got the dark silver/grey colour with decent wheels,I'm looking for some inspiring pics to help me choose what colour to change them to
  9. So I just left my local Nissan dealership,they had a quick look and at first they said it is a bit of a characteristic noise of a 350z (this was a sales rep) mechanic had a listen and recommended an oil and filter change as first thing to do incase the wrong oil was used (prior to service it was quiet) and as it seems quieter when cold.they also pointed out a slight click coming from rear drive shafts that would need addressing at some point... On the plus side he let me have a sneaky peak at the brand new 2017 gtr,looking very tough indeed
  10. Ekona that's exactly what I don't wanna do because the outcome will be what you say,unfortunately controlling my temper isn't easy... I'll have to take my Mrs with me to keep me in check 😂
  11. It does seem like they try wriggling out of things judging from the reviews and the first phone call yesterday. Funnily enough the attitude completely changed when I turned up in a rage looking for him,probably as his staff member relayed what I had said 😀 Tt350...we think along the same lines mate,but for the moment I've gotta try the calm approach (for a change)
  12. Payco.... I make you 100% right. So I went to collect the car and see 'victor' face to face,surprisingly he wasn't there! Started the car and it sounded exactly the same as before,a noise that all 3 of his staff couldn't deny! Coincidentally Nissan main dealer phoned me at the same time 'vincent' phoned his staff member I was with. Finally spoke to vincent and he's agreed to let me choose an independent mechanical check near to my home to resolve the issue or take car back depending on the outcome. Thought I might actually be getting somewhere until I clicked on the above link from col
  13. So I did as advised and returned the car to the dealership,1St time they pretended they couldn't hear anything,told me to leave it for another week and see how it goes. Returned it a week later,9 days after not hearing back from them I made the call,here's what they said.....there's nothing wrong with the car,it makes no noise at all,even through a stethoscope,no faults on diagnostic reader etc,been to 2 different garages the car is fault free. I told him his mechanic could probably do with a hearing test,to which he got very defensive and verbal When told they had been trying to contact
  14. Thanks for the feedback boys,especially ekona. I phoned garage today and am taking car back to them Saturday to show them,to be honest the person on the phone was clueless and didn't even know what tappets were. I've checked oil after being parked on my flat level drive for over 24hrs and it's fresh new oil just fractionally under the full mark. Started it and let it run for 5-10 mins and the noise is still there but quieter,felt the fuel dampers and the passenger side vibrates/knocks in time with the sound.also stuck my ear on top of engine (while cold) and it sounds like it's coming from
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