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  1. No interest so far even at this price been online for 3 weeks !guess no ones buying this time of year. I’ve been offers the same for trade in value so if it doesn’t sell it’s getting traded in 2nd week of jan
  2. Selling my 370z due to a new member of the family shortly arriving . £21,000 no offers . Thanks https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/370z/nissan-370z-z34a-nismo------------------2015/8124806
  3. In desperate need of some cats for a 370z any one selling ?
  4. Just got my 370z back after some gearbox work done by Sly and his team great company and great service sure I'll be using you guys again in the future . Thanks ðŸ‘
  5. +1 on getting a upgraded one. I got mine with the extreme clutch kit
  6. What mods do you have installed that Nissan got funny about? 6k for a clutch is poor stillen gen 3 , invidia exhaust system , berk decats, smoothed out intake manifold , braided hoses ,2 piece discs , extreme clutch kit ,lightweight single mass fly wheel and ecutek software
  7. Just my personal exsperiance (probably bad luck) my car is a 2015 nismo now with 23,000miles on. After 6000miles 6months the csc seals went leaked fluid over my clutch and had to get all that replaced. Nissan warrenty wouldnt touch the clutch as its not coverd and blamed it on my mods and tune up . the boot springs stopped working after a week or so although they did replace them . the drl in the bumper filled up with water after the cars was only a few months old they replaced that on warranty. The rear interior constantly squeeks and rubs when driving. Oh and my manual gear box broke last
  8. My local Nissan performance dealer is awful. Even the parking area is so tight it is almost impossible to get in and out of a car so less careful clients are likely to ding doors. A member on here had his bumper damaged in the parking area...a real battle to get them to repair it.Mine also goes to Horsham even with a 3 hour drive. At least our traders care! Yep nice bunch of guys down their well worth the trip !
  9. Unfortunately a well documented common issue as WinkJ has stated. However these transportation blocks if not removed at PDI will effect the handling and I am very surprised that the alarm bells were not ringing regarding the poor handling that you must have been experiencing during your 2 years of ownership. Now that it is sorted, go and have some fun in your "new" car. Im only 24 and ive never owned a car like this before I had a diesel vw scirocco with 144bhp before so this car has been a huge differnce and shes did seem to oversteer alot round cadwell park a few months ago .
  10. Good point I'll get a nice email across . Could save others the pain in the arse ive had haha
  11. Ive had so many problems with them you wouldnt believe im at the point now where I pay horsham developments to service my car even though it still should be free. I love the car and have just decided that I am never stepping a foot in their again as id rather pay the money and have a plesant experience than have a constant battle with this dealership . The only thing I feel I can do is warn people about them.
  12. So my car is nearly 2 years old now . Whats a surprise that my car hasnt been handling correctly for this full time ! It was in at horsham developments to get some 2 piece discs and braided lines fitted the otherday . To their surprise they found two large rubber blocks in the front springs 😮 these are designed to stop the car bouncing during transportation when new and are supposed to be removed before the car goes near the road. Yet again the nissan dealer in Aldershot have been an absoulte crap exscuse of a garage and I would avoid going their at all costs.
  13. It has to be a nissan performance centre dealer is what nissan told me and their isnt many around ! Im not saying all of them are bad but ive had a few bad experiences with nissan so i just take the car to horsham developments for everything now for a peace of mind
  14. 😂😂😂 carnt speak for all of them but the one I bought my car from are.
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