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  1. Cheers mate Just didn’t want to spend all that money and steering wheel controls not work!
  2. Hi Jordan, Sorry to dig up an older thread but a quick question. I’m looking at this headunit to replace the oem stereo in my new Zed. Did everything wire up okay, steering wheel controls all still work? Cheers mate, just want to make sure it will do what I want before taking the plunge and buying one. Just getting my head around the Buster mod and which wires to join lol.
  3. Hey all, I’m looking for a centre dash cubby box for my 2007 350Z Rev up. I will be removing the oem satnav and need a facelift cubby box to fill the space if anyone is selling one please? Many thanks!
  4. Cheers guys! Baileydom, awesome! I’m in Norwich.
  5. I have a Zed Bought this 2007 350Z GT yesterday from a fellow forum member. 14 odd hour round trip but so worth it. So, so happy with her! Not the best photos from from my phone but I’m smiling silly. Car is standard apart from sports cats and in really good condition so a great base for a project.
  6. Hey everyone Brand new to the forum so thought best introduce myself. I’m Andy, 37 tomorrow from Kent originally, now living in Norfolk. Don't yet have a Z unfortuanatly but I am working on that. Plan is to sell my current car asap, a modified stage 2 Mk Leon Cupra R and then treat myself to a 350Z GT. I have been after one since since they first came out and now finally looking to fullfill the dream. Will be floating around the forum plenty reading and learning from you all, so thanks all in advance cheers!!
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