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  1. Only problem I had was they didn't get me the right wires as they didn't realise it had a sub behind the seat so took them 3 tried to get the right ones other the that it's all good!
  2. Spotted leaving Sainsburys car park and caught up with them at Tesco roundabout
  3. May of been me can't remember if I was there that day but pretty sure there isn't another black one in thetford area
  4. So i am getting the gearbox out of my Nissan 350Z DE Rev Up as i need to change the clutch but while i have the gearbox out what else should i change? and any upgrades i should do to standard parts? any help much appreciated
  5. well i went to get the radio installed today but they realised that they had ordered the wrong harness for my car
  6. Sorry , in the video clip you cant hear it too well but i have tried to capture it, it is a DE with just over 55,000 , not had any problems with car coming out of gear or anything video-1514667734.mp4 video-1514667744.mp4
  7. i have noticed that my clutch on my 350z (2007) has started making a clunk kind of noise when pressing and depressing the clutch, does this sound like the clutch pin or the clutch fork? any help would be much appreciated
  8. Just picked my 350z up yesterday and has the original cassette player and I am looking replacing it with the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB, what are the other items I would need and where is the best place for me to get them?





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