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  1. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    Never said that. Just said IMO its the best value performance car for low 30's. Nothing comes close as a all round package and I still think that. The Bentley c etc that you mentioned are ridiculous buys for that price. Wannabe cars IMO with ridiculous maintenance costs. I dont think you can buy a better new car for £50k than a m3/4 cp either. It's only my opinion though, don't let it upset you. Only a fool would have a old shape c63 over a current M3/4 IMO. They have aged really badly and the auto is crap. The current gen coupe is a different price bracket. A 140i is a good car but far from a m car. The 240i is just too girly/camp looking ...again only my opinion. We all allowed to have one....even if it doesn't match yours. 140i leases are ridiculously cheap at the moment. Much better option than buying one.......again my opinion. Not saying it's a fact
  2. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    C63, e63 or cl63 for mid 30's wouldn't match the interior or tech. Older AMG cars have aged badly IMO and look very dated. Especially the c63. I love the new c63 coupe but that's nowhere near mid 30's. I wouldnt dream of having a old Bentley cgt either. Interior is nice, but dated and the ownership costs are huge. Just like the v8 vantage. One of the worst purchases you can make IMHO. I imagine Peter stringfellow wannabes buy them. Maserati gt sport is nice, but heavily flawed and again looks dated in that price range. A 2014 m3/4 for mid 30's is impossible to beat as a package unless you're looking at older cars. Interior, exterior, spec, modern interior, DCT, brutally quick. What else comes close? They are are hard to beat new too. Especially with discounts and dealer contributions.
  3. When your Ferrari FXX K is "too slow"

    I agree 100% but it is a shame. I think they messed up with the 370z. Not a big enough step forward from the 350z, questionable styling and a hatchback interior that was miles behind the competition. I thought they might come up with some hybrid mini nsx for the next Z. Looks like the gtr is their halo car for the brand and they don't need anything else. Toyota are a good example. I loved mk1 and 2 mr2's when I was a kid, supra's too. Now I don't even know what their models are called. I just see them as a generic "old persons" car. But as you say, they sell well. Every exciting car that is released these days is £100k plus. Even the new rs5 is £90k with a few options and it's not that great. Porsche prices are now eye watering. I thought I'd buy a new 911 one day, now I know it won't happen.
  4. When your Ferrari FXX K is "too slow"

    Omg that is ridiculous. Wtf are they thinking? I'm amazed they have sold 1.
  5. When your Ferrari FXX K is "too slow"

    I'm not surprised really. The 370z was never a success in the Europe which is a shame. I thought the US muscle car market might have swayed the decision for another z but the yanks are patriotic with their cars and many buyers now want turbos and AWD. So anyone wanting a nismo can have a micra with red bits and a badge or a £100k+ gtr with not much in between.
  6. When your Ferrari FXX K is "too slow"

    Anyone else notice this? http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2017/10/29/Looks-Like-The-Iconic-Nissan-Z-Car-Might-Be-Dead-7741748/
  7. Ok BMW, thats enough.... please....

    The dark grey plastic is actually frozen grey paint according to the article, and is reserved for the top spec model. Why I can't quite fathom. Its also hard to repair and requires totally different cleaning to regular paint. Polish ruins it. Which makes it a really odd decision for bumpers and wheel arches. The lower spec models look better.
  8. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    I actually love the sound with a Akra or mpe. I know a lot don't. They remind me of old group b rally cars. The pops and bangs sound mental. I should have have explained myself better. I meant nothing else offers the power, torque and interior/spec for mid 30's. They are also really tuneable if you're insane. I appreciate many prefer better handling cars like the 981. We are all different but I personally wouldn't have a 240i or a mustang. I'd much rather have a m2 than a 240, even if it has the same awful, cheap interior. And the mustang is very basic compared to a m3 IMO. It also has a really tacky interior and is a bit of a barge. If you drove a 2017 comp pack I'm sure you'd have a different opinion. A 2014 car with the current software and KWs is even more planted. If I could afford one, I'd definitley take a 911 over a m3/4 though. I know most won't agree....but fashion grey is my fav colour too.
  9. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    M2's are a bargain at the moment due to being replaced by the m2 cs (m3/4 engine) early next year. The m3/4 is a awesome car and the best value performance car by a mile. Nothing comes close for the money (mid to late 30's). The current m3/4 CP cars have solved the suspect suspension and damping, and early cars are easily sorted with KW's and a software update. M3 will be my next car for sure.
  10. Pointless Porsche 911?

    It's a massive step backwards IMO. just wrong on every level.
  11. Pointless Porsche 911?

    Teslas are massively overpriced. Build quality of a toy. 911 T is a great car
  12. New project..... Datsun 240z

    My fav car on this forum
  13. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    I'm not saying they are bad cars. I know they aren't. I just wouldn't have one over here.
  14. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    Who would want a plastic, lhd car in the uk? Most of the corvette drivers I've seen over here are fat, old guys with ponytails and fake tan. Hoping that average Joe will think they're in a Ferrari. I always get get the impression they buy them for the looks rather than performance. They look good in the us and suit their roads.......but they look totally pathetic on a wet, grey afternoon in the uk IMO. I wouldn't be seen dead driving one over here. Just my opinion.
  15. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    Agree about the prev gen mustang. Had one as a hire car in San Diego and it was a dog to drive.