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  1. What would you choose.

    Fair play if you're going that route. A lot do which kinda backs up my point. As standard they're not quick for everyday use. They do feel slow on the road compared to modern, 4wd, turbo hatchbacks. Or even a tuned 335i. It's all at the top end. Sound epic pic with a Akrapovic exhaust though and the DCT gearbox is awesome. I enjoyed my my brief stint in one. Hammered me in company car tax though.
  2. Nonsense. I had a Brera from new for 4 years in 2009. The most reliable, problem free new car I've ever had. Not the quickest but I loved it. Build was excellent and the interior was stunning and rattle free. Got compliments everyday. Even sat at traffic lights.
  3. What would you choose.

    E92 are starting to look very dated, especially inside. Some nasty engine issues beginning to become common to add to the throttle actuator and other issues. Biggest problem is is they feel slow on the road, they really need to be rev'd to access the performance. Great on track but not on the road. M2's are currently shedding value like dandruff after the announcement of the engine change/upgrade next year. Look good value now.
  4. I'm considering selling my Z and buying a f80 m3. Seriously good value at the moment. So much torque it's ridiculous and a great gearbox. Standard suspension isn't upto the job though. It will try to kill you.
  5. What Can I Expect For My Money?

    You will be more likely to pick up a bargain just before Xmas. Winter is is the best time to buy a Z. Like people have mentioned check the brakes. I had to replace pads and disks when I got mine and it wasn't cheap. Compared to other performance cars in the same price range. Z's are reliable, easy to work on and cheap to maintain. Something like a high mile e46 m3 is a big risk in comparison. In terms of potential costs. 350z's are a underrated car.
  6. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    I'm not a fan of the 370z although I do like the nismo. It's not a big enough leap forward from the HR and to me it's not as pretty. I love boxsters and caymans but I wouldn't buy one in that price range. If you did, I think you'd find yourself using your z less and less. Personally id id take the 15k and your HR, and get a later Cayman or boxster. I don't think they will depreciate much either due to the awful 4 pots in the new cars. Im considering trading my XC60 D5 polestar and my Z for a f80 M3.
  7. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    I was only joking mate. I thought you knew. It's god awful.
  8. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    My car must be one of the most standard Z's on earth. Im planning a few mods over the next few months but they will be very subtle.
  9. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    I was hoping they wouldn't be noticeable on a black car?
  10. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    Yep. The same gaps. But bell end purple interior instead
  11. I'd dump it in the middle of the road every time it happened.
  12. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    I'm planning to do the same to mine. I think it would look better in black
  13. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    Some have more money than sense or taste.
  14. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    Not sure why anyone would bother going to the trouble but I've never seen it before. Car isn't my taste but I can appreciate a lot of work went into it.
  15. What mod have you done today?

    Looks good. I wouldn't have chose a roadster but I ended up with one. Now I wouldn't swap for a coupe. They're addictive and like nothing else on uk roads. I can't think of a better summer/weekend car for the money.