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  1. It certainly gets some puzzled looks as I drive around 😀 (Which I take to be a good thing)
  2. There you go, those who requested the pics - pleased to oblige!
  3. No, I think this is definitely a barber's car - something for the weekend, sir
  4. 2016 model, only arrived tonight so no pics yet but I'll be sure to post one or two when I have some. It's fair to say it's a bit brutal and I've only got it on the girl's settings - it's got 'girls' 'boys' and 'Rob Roy' settings, so I'm looking forward to exploring those, I'd had a long day when I picked it up so wasn't feeling very adventurous...but then there's always tomorrow. I had a lovely blob eye WRX for a while until last year - which was superb to drive but very basic, this cars got an amazing spec including the most amazingly complex range of options for the lcd displays - found the boost gauge alright!
  5. The new owner is even lovelier than the car...even to a man my age :-) You may wish to recruit her for regional events.
  6. No definitely still on the dark side...and Japanese
  7. After almost five years of delightful Zed motoring - including 12 months with both a coupe and a roadster - I am now Zedless. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my ownership experience both directly by replying to my posts and indirectly by providing the resources via your input to make ownership remarkably trouble free. I'm sure another one may appear at some point :-) Keep up the good work and play nicely whilst I'm away. PS : I daren't tell you what I've replaced it with....
  8. Now paid for and collected by the lovely Megan who travelled from Aberdeen to make the purchase, I'm sure she'll be on here before long. It went for pretty close to the advertised price if anyone wants a barometer of what cars are bringing. Thanks for everyone's interest and support. I now find myself Zed less from a point 6 months ago when I had 2!
  9. I have taken a deposit on the car today pending collection on Tuesday. I am not envisaging any problems with the completion of the sale, but if there are any more interested parties out there please continue to register your interest and I will get back to you if anything goes awry.
  10. How far's too far? I got this one from Bournemouth and my other one from Aberystwyth - let the train take the strain, Hull's only 2 1/2 hours from London now.
  11. I'm surprised this is still here! A few recurring questions from here and my other ads.... The graphics will come off without much heartache with a mild heat source - there's no hardcore adhesives involved. I'll gladly take care of it for anybody who buys the car - once they've paid. If you want the car supplying with the standard cats refitted - that won't be a problem - I can do that. It is due a minor service about now on time - but it's only done about 2 000 miles since the last one. Again, if it's a deal breaker - I can get this done - I've already got the oil and oil filter for it, or I'll throw the parts in if you'd prefer for your garage to carry out the work. I've also just dropped the price a bit - and please note this is a special price for you guys, it is advertised for more elsewhere. If it helps I'll also look at a lower valued part exchange - as long as it's something that interests me and you're not valuing it at top dollar. Come on - find it a good home for me :-)
  12. If you want to play safe - you could do worse than look at mine. I've had it nearly five years and the previous owner - who had it a few years - was an OC member. It's been a 2nd, 3rd, 4th car whilst I've had it and it's only done 10k in the last five years. I live for cars, so, It has been loved to death on the maintenance front and anything that wasn't right has been put right. It's almost standard - only having decats, a plenum spacer and upgraded y pipe. It can be supplied with original cats refitted if required. Just saying í ½í¸€





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