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  1. Hi anyone know if there are any meets planned for this year..?
  2. Hi ive just broken my rear Diffuser, so after another if any about..?
  3. Im interested in fitting one of these..? Thoughts , info..? Any for sale anywhere..? Thanks.
  4. Sorry but ive only a tablet and seem to have trouble putting photos up..?
  5. Hi im looking for stickers to cover the front bumper reflectors. There was a lad on here doing them lsst year but not sure if he still is..? They were different coloured reflector stickers that stuck over the orginal insert... Cheers.
  6. Ive a resin HR bonnet. It needs some tlc and has been drilled for bonnet pins?..?
  7. Hi im after a chrome nissan badge for a DE engine cover..?
  8. Hi im looking for a carboñ engine cover and Nissan badge to fit it ..?DE engine
  9. Hi guys looking to fit a carbon engine cover but want/need the Nissan badge for it..? Any ideas to get one.?
  10. Just finishing up adding bits to my roadster.. Siebon bonnet Gramms Mines splitter Seats recovered by "Hide n Seat"...mint job.
  11. Hi ive got a Siebon bonnet but would like to fit ALL NEW bolts on it ie the hinges etc. Does anyone know off hand what size they are..? Just standard metric or fine etc..? Cheers.
  12. Hi Àaron, yes im on Facebook, can you let me know the link or group name so i can join. Thanks Richard
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