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  1. Hi Mate, There is a lot of Zs in the north east of england last meet I think we had 9 Zs the meet last night we got 6 ! so with regards turn out its not been to bad, a lad by the name of mitchell has started a group chat on facebook with a lot of north east Zs in it and he has been arranging meets through that as it has the plan function ect to get an idea of numbers, just seems a bit easier for communication and confirmation of attendance. If your on facebook let me know and we can get you in the circulation. Thanks Regards Aaron
  2. Hi All, recently sold my 350z and moved to a 370z, so im back to square one with the modding anyone got any wheel spacers for sale ? Many Thanks, Regards Aaron
  3. Hello All, my radiator decided to die today and dump its coolant, has anyone got one lying around I can take off there hands please ? Just need the core, dont need the fan shroud or anything. cheers regards Aaron
  4. Hi Guys anyone got a catch can they dont need but actually works ? not interested in engine bay bling im after something practical that does the job. many thanks regards Aaron
  5. Hi All, Anyone got any camber arms lying around they havent got round to fitting or dont need anymore ? Cheers Regards Aaron
  6. thats got a good ring to it, I like it, might have to pinch that one, EAST meets WEST 350z-uk
  7. Thanks for the feedback, any suggestions please feel free to to post them up.
  8. Hi All, Now the better weather is starting to arrive and the longer days I am throwing the feelers out there after discussions with (rickdon) to gauge the interest in a Yorkshire meet. The guys in Yorkshire tend to meet up in the castleford area but are looking for a bigger weekend type of event with the possibility of some driving, camping, good food and some banter, those of us who got the chance to do the meet over at the lakes (LakeZ) will understand the type of weekend rickdon is looking to organise and im in full agreement its time us lot up here done something. I see plenty of Z's kicking about it would be great to meet new faces and catch up with old friends. rickdon has done some research into where we could host these types of events but we first need to understand the interest something like this could generate to ensure the work in organising something like this will be worth it, the general idea is detailed below. Squires cafe have a function room for clubs to have events plus there is camping and a couple of hotels close by. another place i found which is just outside the start of the Yorkshire moors was the sidings hotel which is really quirky and rooms are on old railway carriages plus they have a restaurant on site and they is also a couple of other hotels close by also. this could lead to some good drives out over the moors to Scarborough, whitby etc. Any feedback would be appreciated, ideas ect, please leave comments and remember to vote on the topic poll. Regards, Aaronc350z REO NE.
  9. Hi All, I am after some camber adjustment arms, for the front and the rear, if anyone has any let me know please. Regards, Aaron
  10. Spotted this evening. 4:50pm today A1130 Just Off A19 Teesside Azure Z ! Looked smart, anyone on here ?
  11. Its a joke mate, i seen an email and i thought ahh progress... It was the original Order confirmation...
  12. Just spoken to some woman on the phone in relation to the Japfest tickets, apparently they were all sent via email on Saturday, I informed her I haven't received anything yet and yes I've checked my junk mailbox, she advised to email through the Japfest web page its self and they can email your tickets apparently, so il give this a go and let yous know how I get on.... 😠Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thats me mate, I see you most nights, orange Z isnt it ?
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