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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Scratch-Doctor-Leather-Colourant-Recolour/dp/B009JC4AD8 this is the scratch doctor all in one stuff I've used on a few cars. lots of colours to pick from and you get 2 bottles for about £7. it has lasted well on my other projects. here's a car seat sofa I build for my son from a 100k miles Mazda seat. it ended up looking new
  2. so then next job on my list was to bring some life back into the tan leather seats on my 54 plate 350z. While not destroyed they were tired, with creases, fades, surface cracks and discolouration. I've done other leather seats before. here's what I did. 1. vacuum all over 2. clean with Autoglym leather cleaner using a brush for leather shoes. this lifted shed loads of dirt and grime . 3. wipe down with damp chamois. 4. dry with paper towel 5. multiple thin layers of Scratch Doctor leather all in one (tan). applied with small pore sponge and dried with hairdryer on low heat. 6. 24h later, treated with leather balm. I'm really happy with the results, 16 year old seats that have done 140k miles.
  3. I had the same issue with my lights, cloudy and scratched. tried the toothpaste trick but tbh it just cleaned them up (and made them smell minty!). but then tried a gentle rub with some Poorboys swirl remover medium abrasive using a sponge applicator. finished off with super resin polish. while not perfect there is a huge improvement for 5 minutes work.
  4. I like this. mine has a kind of flocked finish which has not aged well and is cracking off. was looking for a simple and clean finish I can do myself.
  5. hi. just joined and picked up my first Z, a 54 plate. I'm an ex amateur racing driver (hot hatches) and driving my slightly modded Z brings back happy memories. I'll be making changes to the interior to make it tasteful again so will no doubt be scouring the message boards for some sound advice!





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