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  1. Definitely interested in these - will pm you now bud
  2. Yeh I did put a lot of money down in the raffles to be fair, but still quids in! Now I just need to win a Delta Integrale from Dream Car Giveaways and I'll have made all the money back
  3. I built a new PC recently, 10700k, 64gb (got a good deal lol) of 3200 ddr4, and I was fortunate to win not one, but two(!) MSI 3060 Ti's
  4. I believe the Zakustech and Tarmac Sportz ones are made of ally (other than the carbon ones), not heard any bad stories...yet? I could very well be interested after seeing a prototype mate
  5. Not quite what you're after, but orange with rear louvres. Pics of a guys zed off the Tarmac Facebook page
  6. A bit random, but does anyone have an OEM backbox handy they could measure for me please and provide the dimensions, for it to fit in a box? Trying to source a box big enough to courier one in but the exhaust is at a friends garage and I can't get hold of him
  7. How much were they from the stealer?
  8. I enjoy watching your videos, they're always very detailed! Can I ask what the song is called at the beginning and end? Random I know but it's proper catchy
  9. Wow this is an incredible amount of attention here, and it looks absolutely fantastic because of it! Hats off to you sir
  10. Definitely a no from me, whilst I can appreciate the work gone into it. I really don't understand the abundance of big gay wings I'm seeing on the Facebook pages, especially on almost standard cars? Am I alone in thinking they look completely out of place and just generally, a bit sh*t?
  11. Hiya mate, that is a beautiful looking 350. Saw it for sale on Facebook, did you not buy it from that guy directly then?
  12. I've bought some Lamin-x film for mine, but I have read reviews about it creating hairline cracks in the lenses where the film traps heat in the units..?
  13. Haha uh-oh, from reading all the previous discussions on various forums I thought I may be opening a can of worms with this topic
  14. 2nd dibs please incase Harry changes his mind
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