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  1. I'm not overly great myself mate but I'm happy to get stuck in when my car isn't needed for a couple of days If by Littleton you mean Semington then yes, keep an eye out!
  2. Welcome, blue coupe 350 from Westbury here! Drive to Devizes for work every other day
  3. Sorry you did literally just say that! Ok thanks Alex, will see how this fares and contact you if and when needed. Thanks again
  4. Yeh I did have to prise them off, cleaned them up and lined them up with the stainless one. Bit of a mish but we'll see how it pans out Oh I didn't realise, I thought they were for fast road use too late now I guess...at least they'll be easier to come back off if I have any issues Thanks for your help mate Out of curiosity, where can I buy these shims from? Is it weird that they're not already with the pads and bonded to them?
  5. Ah bugger, ok thanks Alex much appreciated. I assume the stainless shim is anti squeal? I've ended up building them together with the other shim that was on the original pads now, like so. Think this is acceptable or no?
  6. Quick question guys: sorting the rear brakes out (Brembos) and **** me it's like they've never been changed...the inner pads were basically welded to the discs anyways. Both inner and outer pads have the stainless clip that fits on the back of the pad, all good. But all 4 pads also have this metal backing clip as well, and the outer pads have the little spring clip as shown in the photo also - I assume it's a wear indicator? The big shims appear to be bonded on, the stainless ones just fell straight off. Do I need to prise these off and re-use them? I'm using Ferodo DS2500's and there is a little square recess where I could place the little spring (wear indicator?) clip from these old pads. Any thoughts?
  7. I'll put in for a second 'bid' if for whatever reason Eddie decides not to have them
  8. Not a completely similar experience but thought I'd share: Bought the standard ones from them (and also bought some grips just to get the postage costs covered!), and later realised they had uprated ones for cars with spoilers for not much more. I hadn't fitted the standards at this point, so ordered the best ones available (which took the order inc VAT over the £50 so free delivery) Paid for the struts through Paypal, so I returned the original ones and claimed back on the postage costs (in-case you don't know about this, you get 15 cases per year where Paypal will refund return postage costs upto £15 each). It took a good couple of weeks to actually get the refund from them though. But, they do their thang! Boot is well supported now when it's open
  9. Hi Matt, Just curious as to whether you would consider posting at all, and if so any idea on price? Cheers mate
  10. Hi Ian, These look fantastic I'd love to buy one with a blue Z please Let me know details and I'll send over payment when it's good for you! Thanks bud
  11. Also...has anyone had any issues come MOT time with these?
  12. Hi Adrian, What kind of figures did you get on the DE in the end?
  13. Also one other thing! So, the guy advertised it as a "Carbon GT". Is this a thing? The car has a carbon Nismo V1 spoiler from factory apparently, some carbon bits on the B pillar (outside), and the car door sills. I'm assuming the guy before him just put some bits on??
  14. Hey all, new to the forum and Z ownership and just introducing myself Bought this beauty Sunday gone, and I can't believe how much I love this car! I've always had a thing for the 350, absolutely would love a 240!! I was looking at getting rid of my TVR and having a 370 as a daily, but a few weeks ago I started properly looking at 350's, as I could afford one as a daily and also keep another toy due to the price difference. It was then I realised how much I love and prefer the looks/originality/character of the older 350, and the official search began I kinda fancied an early spec due to tax reasons (more money to be spent on upgrades/maintenance), plus something just kinda drew me to them more. I found this one in London, 41k on the clock, blue (which was my 1st choice), and I'm the 3rd owner. Full Nissan service history was a bonus, and the underside didn't look too bad - it's been kept in underground storage for the last 7 years. Needs a little bit of TLC, the passenger door has a crust of slight rust all along the lower side and up the front edge randomly, I haven't read up about this being a common spot? I can only guess the guy damaged the door on a kerb(s) and it just spread? The arches all look good, very slight rust on one but nothing that can't be sorted out in time LOADS of dings along this door on the swage line too so that'll get sorted at the same time. I've noticed quite an amount of clutch judder, it was replaced 2,000 miles ago by Nissan and I can only assume the flywheel has warped...I've also read that this can be a common issue - but with regards to buying fake clutches is that correct? Really looking forward to getting some bits done to this, these guys are literally on the same road that I live on a small industrial estate so it'll be getting some of that treatment once I've had a good look underneath at the drivetrain etc so get a good understanding of what's worn etc. Anyways I'm just blabbing now, so the only 2 pics I have taken thus far! (I've named him Eric btw, the first name of Eazy-E)





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