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  1. Springs and wheels still available, now that we’re allowed to move around a bit more!
  2. Richie94gts

    Gunmetal 350z

    Exterior: 19" Rays Gram Lights 57F Pro 2-piece wheels. Front: 245/40R19 Rear: Falken 452 275/35R19 JWT Pop Charger Stock suspension Carbon wrapped front lip Removed front plate surround, stuck on 3/4 plate Clear front reflectors S2000 stubby aerial front and rear Nissan badges replaced with brushed silver "Z" badges Interior: Isotta Steering Wheel Simoni Racing hub Gunmetal dash Pioneer AVH-3300BT head unit Nismo 380rs pedal Later model seats Nissan front and boot mats Nismo Polished Aluminium GearKnob
  3. 350z - Eibach ProKit springs - £200 delivered Set of brand new, unused Eibach ProKit springs, bought a few years ago, never fitted and have just been sat in the garage. SOLD: Factory '05 rear lights - £50 delivered A pair of OEM rear lights, in very good condition. Factory '05 springs - £50 delivered A set of factory springs were on the car for 10 years and did around 60k miles. SOLD: Rear lip spoiler - £30 delivered Factory rear lip spoiler, has a small touched up scratch. very good condition otherwise.
  4. Thanks for organising, was a great day out. There was a really nice selection of Zeds on the stand and I finally took the 350 out on track too, which was fun!
  5. 1. Nso93-paid 2. Olly350z + another + R33 skyline 3. 350_Jer 4. AbiiPow 5. Humpy 6. ShortPaul 7. George1966 8. Grumpyoldjanner 9. JJ370z 10. Andy James- Paid club pass + Track time 10.30,14.00. 11. Shezza 12.Sparksey 13. Cloud1440 14. Huw (zclub) 15. Farmer42 (zclub) 16. LewisH 17. Veilside Z 18. Simon31 19. Cloud1440 20. 14N 21. Zebedy 22. RoxZ 23. Brian Tyson 24. 350wen - Paid club pass 25. Tomb 26. Richie94gts - Paid club pass + track time 10:30
  6. Just got my car back from the shop, need to spend tonight prepping for JDM Combe tomorrow. It's not perfect but ran out of time. Excited
  7. Yatton Kennel pre-meet sounds good, should be there around 7: 1. jbrougham 2. 14N - Requires bacon (if my ticket arrives in time) 3. Justthejedi 4. Davey-83 - x2 bacon x1 tea 5. Olly350z - Bacon and tea X2 6. Allenhill350z 7. Blocko - Requires bacon x2 8. Nso93 9. Karl92 10. LewisH - Requires much bacon (2 people) 11. RoxZ - Bacon for 2 please! 12. Richie94gts - Bacon x2
  8. Likewise anyone coming up through bath or the surrounding area?
  9. Only just saw this. These are amazing, would actually make me tempted to run pirellis😀
  10. Car looks sweet, especially liking the rear and your 370 repeaters. I'd love a vented bonnet too but they just seem so expensive at the moment!
  11. Looks like it should be a decent turnout. Looking forward to this one after JapFest was good. Car's back on the road and MOT'd, just need to get the bumpers fitted in the next few weeks:)
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