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  1. max

    New soft top

    After 14yrs I now need a new roof the vinyl has started to rip around the bottom where it meets the body work has anyone used The Soft Top Shop in Stockport or have any other recommendations that can fit one for me.
  2. max

    Happy Birthday

    Thirteen years ago today I bought my Z as a 40th birthday present to myself after having a new Y pipe and some HFC fitted today it still brings a smile to my face.
  3. max

    Soft top

    I'm looking at replacing the roof on my Roadster has anyone used The Soft Top Shop in Stockport Manchester. Thanks Mark.
  4. Martin was a good friend and I will miss his knowledge and him phoning me up to get the roof down on his Z again RIP buddy.
  5. max

    Nismo exhaust

    I am after some new gaskets for my nismo exhaust where is the best place to get these, I am not sure on the bore either.
  6. max

    Stone guard

    I have to have my rear wheel arch sprayed and need a new stone guard do any of the traders sell them or will I have to go to Nissan and if I do does anybody have a part number. Thanks in advance Mark.
  7. max

    New clutch

    Thanks Alex will have them look at it on Tuesday.
  8. max

    New clutch

    Had new clutch, slave and braided hose fitted today and I am now finding it hard to get into gear previous post say I could still have air in the system, if I turn the ignition off it seems to be a lot easier should this make a difference. Thanks Mark.
  9. I don't know what you mean Martin coming up a thousand miles....................in the last two years.
  10. Managed to source probably the last pair of Sport maxx but will look at mpss when i need to replace all four, just need to have wheel arch resprayed now.
  11. After my blowout last weekend I have been looking for a replacement but Dunlop no longer do sport maxx to fit so I am looking to replace all four and would appreciate your comments on Potenza soo1/ Eagle F1 asymmetric 2 and P zero Rosso, I am now into my tenth year of ownership and have only run on Dunlop’s which I have been happy with or the original Potenza which were poor.
  12. Sorry mate i wont be back in time for a 10:00 am start.
  13. Martin will be there Saturday now let me know what time people are going karting may tag a long but as i live in Barrow might meet them there( after Martin i will be travelling the shortest distance).
  14. Try doing it manually by pulling the release cable in the cubbie behind the passenger seat, push the roof all the way down and back up a couple of times then try back in auto. Max.
  15. It will be the fans very easy repair and Alex will be the cheapest place to buy, mine went two years ago bought two fans took about one hour to change and have had no problems since. max.





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