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  1. Hi all, Took my 350z for MOT and asked the chap on monitor the C02 closely as too me when I am in traffic and my Zed gets hot I dont think it sounds right. It dips between 500rpm & 1000rpm and can sounds a tiny bit on the size of misfiring. When you drive it, its fine. Anyway he said when its sat there running it does dip between running lean and okay. When its on higher revs the C02 is perfect. No codes showing. Only thing I can think of is bank 1 sensor was showing lean and it was leaking air along with the flexi's leaking. I have since resealed the sensor and replaced the y pipe with a stainless, and back box also has a stainless. We visually inspected the cats and they look to be in good condition. About 6 months ago it had OEM quality coils replaced and NGK spark plugs too. It has a K&N panel filter which is its always had init which i clean every 6months. I have a 1500 mile trip to Ireland starting Sunday. My mechanic said its nothing to worry about at all but I am abit worried because it doesnt run lean when driving. Anyone has similar issue? Thanks.
  2. Its hard to say because I stripped the car with friends/family, cut out the sills and other rust areas. My father made the spit by hand and then he trailered it down to the blasters. So stripping and transport, spit cost me nothing which is ovbs a massive part of it. Blasting and epoxy coating cost my £300 cash. Welding, coating (raptor) and spraying rear quarters and engine bay was - £1750 cash. I am lucky enough that I have loads of help, big workshop and loads of equipment but it's not easy doing it without those things. I think if I would of just delivered the car there whole and asked them to do everything, it would of cost me 6k to 10k.
  3. Yeah I did Donegal last year haha! New rears on 😅
  4. Awesome job on the headlights! Love the car! I am driving my Zed to Ireland for Donegal rally in a couple of weeks! Can't wait!
  5. Wow love the EK! Awesome colour too!
  6. It was rotten so I had it was blasted, coated, welding and then coated again.
  7. Final post today is my ek project which is the reason for my 350z is getting overlooked! Long story short is with the help of family and friends I am building a track day/hill climb car. Its a 1995 honda civic with a 1.6 vtec engine. Here some before and afters.
  8. Awesome! MK2's are massive over there! Dont think i have ever seen so many! and AE86's!
  9. As you can see y pipe looks bad. Going to do Zorst this week!
  10. Hard to get good pictures of the seats but I love them. Apart from the seats and front bumper and normal servicing, I haven't done much else to the car for a while (good reason for that which I will explain in another post.) Ultimately, its not my daily and I do around 1500 miles per year. Even though the car is really clean its just hit that 100k mark so I have made a start on refreshing the basics...... So far its had recently: Basic Servicing bits Diff oil (gen Nissan) Gearbox oil (gen Nissan) Full set of Hitachi Coils Set of plugs NGK Iridium New o2 sensors (always check for leaks on the sensors) I had no EML light on but the sensors where leaking and the car was running on the lean side. (plugs looked a little white) Bits I have bought to go on: Y pipe (miltek) and new gaskets and botls from Tarmac Sportz Rear wheel bearings (SKF) Rear diff bushes (Superpro) Rear boot struts (ebay) Clutch slave upgrade with HT fluid & hose. New MPS5 Tyres to go on all round Jobs I have done: Took wheels off cleaned, cleaned arches and checked for rust, check coil overs. Dressed coilovers and arches in ACF50. (underseal still looks mint). Removed headlights, dried out at home, and resealed ballasts using abit of silcone lube and sealant ( leaking from that area is a very common issue). Got the car in the pit and cleaned up the underneath arms with a brush, dressed them in bilt hamber hydrate 80. (this is temp job, until I can get everything powered coated.) Clay bar and wax Future things to do: Full rebush with superpro and while the arms etc are off I would like them powered coated. New camber arms and new W brace New floor mats (havent found any i like yet) Update from CD/usb player to car play Like my bilstein coilovers set up properly (corner weighted etc) New brakes all round (maybe grilled and grooved) Suggestions on brands welcome. Sports and decat, plenuim spacer & spray rocker cover, remap!
  11. Main thing I have done to the car is fitted red EK9 recaros and have the front bumper holes smoothed. Did a little photo shoot for it after that....
  12. Yeah they can be annoying haha! Thank you and love the black Zed!
  13. Hi for anyone reading. I know a lot of people don't post on the forums anymore which is why I stopped using and started using Facebook more. However for a few various reasons I have just deleted facebook and the 350z FB pages are good, but can be full of k**bs and you don't really get too see peoples builds like you do on here. I haven't really done much to the 350z apart from enjoy it. My Zed is about to turn 100k and while I was in Ireland last year (I took it to watch Donegal Rally) a coil failed on me and left me a bit stranded. (Irish feller called Graham saved the day with a coil). So I figured the car needs love and a thread update on here. Heres a couple of pics of it broken down in Ireland. 1st pic is my pulling it into a mates mates garage to use his computer. This is just outside Belfast. 2nd pic of my trying to make it to Derry (running like a bag of shite) 3rd pic is of the rally, it was the most amazing experience! All pics taken with my late fathers film camera.
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