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  1. Yh was my weekend car too. Still miss the noise! Just couldn't miss out on the GTR at the time. Look forward to see what you do with it
  2. Hi Marc, this was my old car! I done the opposite to you went from this to a skyline. Nice to see its gone to a good home and on the forum. Enjoy! 👍
  3. Hi everyone, Seen a car im interested in buying however its in the Netherlands. I've never bought/ imported a car from abroad before so interested to know of any charges/tax. Quick search on google advises of duty tax and vat but another states as still in the EU dont have to worry? If someone could clarify would be great! Thanks Dean
  4. Hi everyone! Welcome to the sale of my 350z. It's been in my ownership for 4 years. Used as my daiky for the first 2 and the last 2 years once or twice a week for pleasure. Will be sad to see it go. However, I'm in the process of importing a r33 GTR so once it arrives in a few months. The zed won't be used as much as it deserves to be. -Asking for £8750 on the forum. (As I'd prefer a member to own it. Will be advertised for more elsewhere) -350z GT manual -65,890 miles ( will be given a run out weekly) - 3 owners - service history part dealer. Other servicing and work carried out by myself - MOT expires August 2019 - Shell Vpower/ Tesco 99( receipts to validate) Plenty of paperwork/history. Ranging from the original order form up to present invoices. First owner from Cardiff traded in a civic type R to purchase. Second owner I bought the car off believe to be a member. I was going to keep the service history nissan. But after working in the industry for 7 years and a service technician for 5 I decided to save money a do it myself. Plus, no-one looks after your car better than yourself. I never had any issues with the car mechanically and the paint/body is in great condition. As the pictures show and speak for themselves. The car is slightly modified with only the best parts/brands. Modications *Enkei RPF1 saturn black 18ich, offset et15/ 9.5j front,10.5j rear. *Yokohama AD08R tyres all round.( Will find out tread depths ) *Mtec discs front/rear *Ferodo Ds2500 pads front/rear *Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 True dual exhaust *Test pipes with o2 spacers( not sure on brand) *ARC air filter induction kit (very rare) *D1 SPEC throttle contrller I 've tried to ensure that all modifications are either practical or improve the performance and driving experience of the car. I don't a lot of research before buying them. The exhaust is one of if not the best exhaust available. Certainly the best sounding especially with the test pipes. However because of this the eml light is on but still have the original CATs to go with the car. Aswell as THE air filter and some other OEM parts and extras to go free with the car. I also made sure that the new wheels bought were no heavier than the original Rays and would be pointless if so imo.The fact that the Enkei's look good is a bonus. Summary -£8750 -Facelift GT -Modified -under 66,000 miles -MOT until 08/2019 Located in Bedfordshire. Message me for more details or any questions as may have forgotten somthing. Thanks for looking Dean
  5. Willing to split exhaust? Just need y pipe and middle section. If still available
  6. Wondering what people do when they're lucky/unlucky enough to replace their ARC filter? Mine's starting to split. Nengun used to sell just the filter by itself but don't think they do anymore so I doubt I'll find a genuine one. So would it be possible to put another brand of filter in the air box? I'm hoping other cone filters are a simular diameter. Thanks for any help Deano
  7. Hi mate and welcome. Is it a metallic rattle? Have you checked the exhaust/heatshields?
  8. Hi mate, i know you made your mind up but have you got the list of issues? May not be as costly as you think depending on what they are. I'm sure traders/garages would help you out on here. Also have you got a second opinion from a trusted source?
  9. Hi mate, did you get any quotations on fitting the bumper? As I'd imagine it will take some work fitting it since its a rep
  10. Or heat the nuts. Should be easier to crack off after heating up. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  11. Yes you can. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
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