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  1. Hi lads, incase anyone is looking for a Z. Thought I’d let you know I’ve just traded mine. I would’ve put it up on here if I’d had time on my side. As I say I’m just letting people know it’s available and where. The car is in good nick. Gun metal grey met, wrapped for protection in diamond silver@ £2000. 5/16 plenum spacer, polished plennum, polished throttle body, new carbon engine cover and slam panel, new aluminium z sport undertray. Seats great, sounds unreal, almost 64k on uk car. Car is at wearside autoparc in Sunderland Tyne and Wear. Tel 01915651702. Salesman to talk to is Clayton. Would love to think my car made it to an enthusiast. loved being a Z owner and grateful to the people who’ve given me advice on here along the way. cheers
  2. Well I hope all goes well and you get the weather, I’ll watch out for the pics. Am I right thinking japfest donnington is in July? Can’t find it in events? Can you advise how early I should look to get tickets so I don’t miss a place? cheers
  3. Cheers, I’ll look at that. Would’ve just been nice to park along with your Z’s and put faces to names
  4. So you’d get entry but not be able to access the club area? Standard parking? Just tryin to clarify as I’ve not manage to get to a club event yet being north east
  5. So the space is just lost? And the people who can’t make it lose their money?
  6. Same. Was hoping to pick up tickets from people who drop out. Been tryin to contact Andy the events organiser ???
  7. Don't suppose there's been any cancellations guys? I'd love the opportunity to meet you all in your convoy. Keep me posted if any come up please
  8. I've not seen a meet in the north yet???
  9. Once had a similar issue different car type where alternator lead was shorting to metal.... still investigating. Wishin I was a mechanic now instead of a gas engineer.
  10. Hi boys, need your help here. As stated in earlier post, thermal link at live battery terminal found to be blown. Suspected cause was a dodgy jump start by garage doing some work? Replaced thermal link kindly supplied by zmanalex which I appreciate greatly. Battery charged and refitted. No spark at all when battery when terminals secured. Days lights on, turn key.. pop goes thermal link! at a loss here. Believe the starter motor could cause this. Looking for advice and recommendation for a garage in the north east who is good enough to find the fault without taking the **** money wise.
  11. Nice that mate. Where did you source the Romeu piston one?
  12. Ok guys, main battery fuse at live terminal, any one got any? Looks as though it’s a complete fitting ? Advice please gents??
  13. Anyone fitted a more attractive oil filler cap than the standard Orem? Not wanting to pay a fortune. Advice.... Pics boys?
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