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  1. now open to sensible offers!
  2. i trial fitted a few different sets of wheels an then got precise mesurements an then found an odd wheel in that size an tried it, then ordered the wheels!
  3. Hi guys regrettably ive sold my Z so ive got a few bits an pieces left over. First up is my wheels. Item: Work d9r wheels in titan ash bronze Description: Work d9r wheels 19x9.5 et22 front, 19x10.5 et 30 rear fitted the car perfect, no rubbing issues, no marks, selling them as wheels with tyres, p-zero 235 40 19 front an continental 255 40 19 rear, no tct issues, one tyre has a small mark in the picture but rim is not effected. one rear will need replacing, ive not got a depth guage but i can tell visually 3 are legal. i bought these last year an new tyres an they cost me a small fortune so grab a bargain! location: manchester price: SOLD picks: the one that needs replacing.
  4. thanks to the admins an people there! all welcoming too myself considering i've not met anyone before!
  5. ive got mine! ill have to meet you lads there though unless anyones coming from manchester area?
  6. just thought id share some picks of my Z yellowspeed coilovers seperate rears, 19x9/10.5 work d9r in bronze , ducktail wing, a few bits of carbon an polished parts! all work carried out by myself an detailed personally! enjoy!
  7. sorry your correct, been a long day lol
  8. if diggerman doesnt collect it at japfest on sunday its still for sale!
  9. i would be game for this. say if we all meet at krispy kreme on the morning an convoy down?
  10. item: Tarmac sportz 350z roof spoiler description: for sale is my 350z frp roof spoiler from tarmac sportz. removed off my 350 as ive now got a ducktail an i think it doesnt suit both so its come off, it has one tiny imperfection on the back but really un noticeable when fitted. professional fitting is advised i can put some more 3m tape on for you if required. some people prefer to have it bonded on location: manchester price: sold. picks:
  11. list updated. 1. 14N - Paid 2. PANMAN - Paid. 3. Max Leverett - Paid 4. davey_83 - Paid 5. KPowell - Paid 6. nipwahh - Paid 7.Valy - Paid 8. G1en - Paid 9. SHEZZA - Paid 10. Z33_luke - Paid 11. Mr P - Paid 12. Conlonl - Luke - Paid 13. Andy_Muxlow - Paid. 14. MattRwebB - Paid 15. Explodedparrot - Paid 16. cob1980 - Paid 17. Z370Z - Paid 18. Humpy - Paid 19. Harryjax - paid 20. peggers350 - paid
  12. when i detail a car i always give my car a good DA'ing to get all the swirls out but you can apply some swirl fillers such as prima amigo or poorboys black hole before hand. with ceramics such as gyeon an carpro cquarts there forgiving to the novice on the application an removal side an are pritty decent products aswell. i swear by the cquarts as the longevity is about a year an it does exactly what it says on the box an you get alot of product for the money





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