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  1. JimF

    Ceramic Coating Anyone?

    Will have a research
  2. Apologies, I bought them for 350z 18" Rays, they may fit the 370z but I couldn't say.
  3. JimF

    Ceramic Coating Anyone?

    Hmm right. Bit tricky then. No info regarding specifics on the "when and what" for the ceramic. Could just be waxed but not sure. How would I tell the difference? You says there's a big difference between ceramic coated and waxed, but I don't have anything to compare it to.
  4. Satin Silver Z badges, bought from a forum trader about twelve months ago and never fitted. Never even removed from the packaging. These are brand new as you would order yourself. But cheaper! 2x satin Z badge (one front one rear) 4x satin Z wheel centres. Paid £46, will let them go for £38 delivered. Pics below (example pics used for some shots as mine are still in the packaging)
  5. JimF

    Ceramic Coating Anyone?

    I've recently bought a car that the previously 'detailing fan' owner ceramic coated (told by the dealer). Now I'm looking to debadge it (simple stick on badges, no pins) and I'm concerned that it will leave behind an image of the badges once the ars removed as that area has not been ceramic coated. Can I buff this out? The car is black if that makes a difference.
  6. JimF

    Chaos at The Ring in the 70s.

    A little inhumane, but I cant help but laugh at this!
  7. JimF

    Double din head unit suggestions

    I too am very fussy about stereos and consider looks one of the highest of priorities. I hate that obvious aftermarket car stereo look.
  8. JimF

    How Dangerous is the Zed's Cup Holder?

    Isn't it a Renault engine?
  9. Thanks guys I'll check both those things! Ian - Is it in the normal fusebox in the engine bay or the hidden one?
  10. Right then! I swapped the rear numberplate bulbs, boot bulb and nap lights for LED bulbs. All worked. Today I realised I'd lost illumination for the standard stereo, the steering wheel cruise and radio controls, and also my rear lights. Any clues as to what's caused this? No fuses in the first two fuseboxes have blown. It was a bit too wet dark and late to check the third hidden one. Obviously I can replace the blown fuse, but has anyone got an idea what caused it to go in the first place? I'm not an idiot with cars so I'm surprised it's happened.
  11. JimF

    Rear Washer Jet Blank

    Boody hell that's invisible! Any closer shots?
  12. JimF

    Rear Washer Jet Blank

    Perfect thanks
  13. JimF

    Rear Washer Jet Blank

    Where's everyone getting their rear washer jet blanks from? I've seen a few for the wiper arm but none for the jet...
  14. Received today! Will post pics when fitted.