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  1. I saw it go up the hill at Goodwood a few years ago..COMPLETELY BONKERS.
  2. Car done 100,000 exactly, so a Spring clean of the engine might be in order I don't want to go down the Terra Clean route, also when I last had an MOT they said the hydrocarbons were high.
  3. Anybody on here ever use this, if so did you notice any improvements. ?
  4. For all you track day boys this is well worth a read and a comment. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a32702/why-youll-never-learn-to-be-fast-until-you-get-rid-of-your-fast-car/
  5. That heading made me look twice...! :lol:
  6. Some cool Zeds & GTR (and a pickup) there, lovely photos. Looked a great meet.
  7. Why sell the wheels separately. Its one of the main selling point to somebody who is looking for one ..like me. ?



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