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  1. I had really rough idle at like 500rpm sounding like it would stall out, fine when driving. Ended up unplugging battery, cleaning throttle body out & then re-fitting it all. Runs perfectly since.
  2. Adrian Flux was my first port of call, they offered me a ridiculous £4000 WITH mods. No idea why it was so much more expensive. Third lot of insurance in 3 weeks unfortunately, said they'd cover mods and when it came to it weren't interested. Admiral has been the most reasonable and as of last night, I have noted my Z is worth £10200. This dropped my car almost £490
  3. Hi all, Recently been having an absolute nightmare getting insurance for my Z, the mods kicked in within a week and new exhaust was on only to find out my insurance company won't cover me with ANY mods. So, off I went to cancel & am currently waiting my refund. Had a look at Admiral and with mods they initially offered me £1850 on comparison sites, did a separate quote on their site with my car value being £5500 (price I paid) and they offered £1635 with mods. Now, when I change my cars value to £9995 (just to see how it influenced it) I was shocked to see it dropped to £1495 and then changing it another £250 it dropped to £1414 with mods. I have spoken to a chat operator called Phill who said "If you think the car is worth that, that's what you put as only you will know the value of it" which I interpreted as "yeah, put it to 10k if that's what you think it is" Is this a big no no? I'm aware they'd only ever pay out market value in the event of a crash but would I changing the value be voiding my policy at all? I don't want to be doing anything illegal so to say Cheers
  4. butter

    Japspeed K2 advice

    Got a Japspeed K1 for my 350, aside from the fact the y-pipe bolts had to be drilled out as they snapped when tightening the mid-pipe it fits perfectly. No issues and it was the cheapest on eBay. That being said it is bloody loud.
  5. Hi all, As the title states, I'm looking for an Agency Power Ti for sale. Any about? Cheers
  6. Roughly 27/28 PSI on the gauge on idle after a bit of a drive
  7. I have indeed although that isn't really a fix, as I said, it's only at idle and perfectly fine driving just wanted some input so that I know if my car is going to break or not ha-ha
  8. Car idles at roughly 500 ish at the moment, I have absolutely no issues driving or putting my foot down just purely once it's warmed and idles low. Car feels a bit shakey & clunks every now and then when sitting there. Going to clean the throttle body / maf this weekend and see what that does for my idle, failing that I'll go to a garage to try up my idle
  9. I've had a look at that but they seem to be based on having a CEL up, I have no CEL just the car idles really low. Possibly a trip to a specialist to see what the deal is, if not I'l have to live with it
  10. How would you suggest doing so? Trip to Nissan?
  11. Turns out I was man looking, just noticed I can post in the technical section.. SORRY!
  12. Hi all, So I picked up my very first Zed last Sunday & absolutely love it, cannot fault it aside from turning the heated seats on with my elbow every 30 seconds ha-ha. Sorry if this is in the wrong section - couldn't find a correct sub-forum for this type of issue (may be man looking instead though) BUT... Ever since I've got the car and took it home I have noticed what sounds like a very dull, quiet pop from the exhaust every now and then and a slight clunking noise which sounds like its coming from transmission/ engine somewhere only on idle, the car idles at around 500 and feels quite rough every now and then. I'm well aware that there are many noises you hear in a Zed which are perks of owning one of these fine beasts but I can't help but worry about it, I've seen many posts saying that it's related to the idle air valve of some sorts as the car feels like it wants to stall sitting there at 500RPM. Just to add, it drives perfectly with no issues changing gear or booting it, it's just when it idles it sounds a bit broken. Anyone come across this before & know any fixes other than "turn your radio up"? Thanks
  13. anywhere up to 5.5/6k for the right car, trying to take my time to find a relatively clean car. It'll most likely be a DE though
  14. Good spot. Good summary here, one tiny orrection is HR redline is 7.5k not 7k. The other thing to check if your budget streches to a HR is whether the oil gallery gaskets have been replaced, plenty of topics on here that go in to more detail on it (its a c.£800 job to fix) Thanks all, appreciate the comments. Got my eye on a few i'll be looking out for, fingers crossed in the next few weeks i'll be broke but with a Zed on the driveway.





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