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  1. I have had a FN2 so I knew how Honda's drive but I took a chance on the FK8, I thought about the RS which is very fast but with seats that are uncomfortable a ten year old looking interior, extra weight with the AWD and heavy steering and hard suspension the type R was just what i wanted, i know the looks are a marmite thing but i love it, take one for a test drive you never know you might like it
  2. Hi the 370z seems to have a bit more low down grunt but after about 3k the type R feels quicker, handling feels very neutral with no under steer or over steer. The steering is very sharp and with 3 driving modes you can go from a comfy daily drive to a track car.
  3. I've been waiting for Nissan to update the zed but still nothing new so sold it until a new one comes out, thought i would try one of theses, picked it up last Saturday.
  4. yes mate i will pm you shipping to holland
  5. Now reduced to £170 plus £10 p&p for quick sale.
  6. you must have a very loud exhaust, on WOT you get a massive induction roar
  7. Hi I've posted theses in the 370z section but they also fit the 350z, they are brand new never been on the car and are made by Whiteline £80 plus £5 p&p
  8. Not sure maybe someone with more knowledge might help





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