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2003 UK 350Z Breaking for Parts

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2 hours ago, pagan said:

I don't suppose you have the elec. relays for the rad fans in the fuse box under the battery cover.? 


2 hours ago, Colin747 said:

Would you consider selling just the front Brembo callipers?

Yeah if the price is right

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Passenger Side window motor (Clip Broken)




ESP Yaw Rate module



Rear Speaker Cover



Passenger side window



Passenger door weather strip



Drivers Door Handle



Interior Carpet







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Hi Ian,


Are you selling the washer fluid reservoir? If so what's your price please?


Also interested in if they're available:

  • Centre console coin store
  • Differential (condition?)



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Updated with more sold parts, still lots more available - if you dont see what you want, ask - i probably have it :)


Also, if anyone wants the shell for free - they are welcome to it. You just need to collect it from South Wales W/C 12th August.

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list of everything left below, if anyone wanted to come and collect the whole lot, I'd do you a very good deal ;) 

  • Keyless Entry Unit
  • Boot weight x2
  • Relay Cover
  • Control Unit 28550CD700
  • RHS Air Duct
  • RHS "Z Vent"
  • Passenger side interior door handle
  • Passenger side door arm rest
  • Footrest
  • Air con ECU module
  • Drivers side interior door handle
  • Oil filter housing
  • Rear cubby (broken door)
  • Fuel Rails
  • Air bag module
  • Horns
  • Drivers side knee pad
  • Upper driver side dashpanel
  • Passenger side window regulator
  • Brake fluid surround
  • Wiper arm mechanism
  • Strut Brace
  • Upper Plenum Chamber x 2
  • Drivers side kick panel
  • Boot foam
  • Front Crash Bar
  • Front bumper foam
  • Tool Kit
  • Rear boot corner plastics x2
  • Dashboard
  • Passenger side door card
  • Transmission mount
  • Relay fuse box cover
  • Petrol cap switch
  • Headlight washer switch
  • clear side indicators
  • OEM radiator Cap
  • Bonnet release handle
  • ESP switch
  • radiator fan assembly
  • Brake fluid resevoir tank
  • intake pipe
  • ABS pump
  • heater matrix
  • Passenger side window
  • Right Rear Trim Panel Cover 84940CD000
  • left Rear Trim Panel Cover 84940CD000
  • Drivers side knee pad
  • PAS Oil cooler
  • Front bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Side skirts 
  • Rear brembo calipers


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Im looking for a left rear Brembo calliper if your willing to split?




Also looking for the bolts for the caliper and a nut for securing the rear suspension subframe to the car.


edit 2:


Sorry please ignore the above, I have managed to source elsewhere

Edited by Mack
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