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  1. Thanks buddy, it's been one thing after another, but I'm getting there.
  2. 2003 Reg. MOT June 2022. Mileage 98k but car imported in 2010, so allowing for kilometres before then, car has done approx. 75k 19" Antara wheels with good Dunlop super sport tyres Recent slotted discs/pads and braided brake lines. Tommy Kaira exhaust. Special order seats Good hood. Detailed engine bay. Waxoyled underneath with no rust anywhere. Great car and only selling due to illness Car on E-bay for £5959 ,but to a club member £5750.
  3. pagan

    JDM coil pack

    Hi thanks for your reply, can you tell me if the UK coil packs are the same as JDM ones?
  4. pagan

    JDM coil pack

    Anyone have a coil pack for a JDM 2003 Z FOR SALE
  5. Hi all, can anyone tell me if a JDM 2003z coil pack is the same as a UK car
  6. I have owned 2 auto's and they are great fun when used in manual mode ( just like a racing car ), plus you don't have any of the usual clutch and gearbox problems you get with a manual.
  7. Thanks Alex and I've managed to locate one
  8. Thanks, I know that mate, but thanks for your help
  9. Thanks Alex, but some suppliers seem to think a 2005 DE coupe one won't fit a 2003 roadster.
  10. Has anyone got one of the above for sale?
  11. HI all, can anyone tell me what other year rad's will fit a 2003 roadster, with auto transmission.
  12. Cheers, I was hoping that would be good enough
  13. I have to remove my rad, and I was wondering if I can just block off the ATF pipes, or do I have to drain the box.
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