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  1. pagan

    Free standard brake set

    No probs. Jake, looking forward to seeing your car when it's finished.
  2. pagan

    Free standard brake set

    This topic can be closed, as Jake has collected the brakes.
  3. pagan

    Free standard brake set

    I'm in Oxfordshire Jake, send me a PM.
  4. pagan

    Free standard brake set

    Hi I hope this is allowed as the items are free to any club member. Complete set of standard brakes from a 2003 car, including 4 calipers and 4 discs. Parts must be collected or I could bring them with me to Japfest at Silverstone.
  5. pagan

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    Well I've used Waxoyl on numerous cars and never had a problem with rust. I find it a pleasure to apply as I have a gun and compressor.
  6. pagan

    Insurance quotes doubled

    Only get an insurance quote 21days before it's due, this is the cheapest time.
  7. Anyone not on the list can still get in the "show and shine"
  8. pagan

    Rusty underside... JDM

    That's clean for a Z underneath, and I wouldn't recommend underseal as water can get underneath and rot. Better to use something life "Waxoyl".
  9. Please add me to the list (paid)
  10. pagan

    NW names list

  11. pagan

    What can I get for my budget

    Nothing wrong with the auto, as the box is pretty bullet proof, and none of the usual clutch problems. I find Jap imports are usually better cars as there is no salt on roads and the "mot" is much more involved than ours. The downside is you sometimes don't get any Jap service history.
  12. pagan

    The Ginger Daily Z

    Car looking good! What was the dye colour you got for your seats, or did you send a sample?
  13. pagan

    Finally got round to waxing my Zed

    Looking good
  14. pagan

    Dirty Christmas fun ! Cams/stem seals/timing chain

    Great write up, keep it coming
  15. pagan

    New to the group

    Hi and welcome. I'm from Oxford as well, about time we had a local meet!