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  1. Is it just me, or is the forum site running really slow?
  2. Great day Andy, it was nice to chat to you and some club members. Keith.
  3. +1 for the ol Waxoyl
  4. You can just pay at the gate.
  5. As I understand it, when the engine is warm, and you put the air-con on at least one fan should kick in, but mine do nothing. I ran the auto check and both fans kicked in. The temp. gauge reads normal but the engine seems to get very hot. Any ideas? Could it be the sensor, or does the auto check prove that is ok.
  6. How much for the relays posted mate?
  7. I don't suppose you have the elec. relays for the rad fans in the fuse box under the battery cover.?
  8. I am having problems with my 2003z in that the cooling fans don't seem to kick in. The temp. gauge reads normal but the engine is getting very hot. I have tried doing the prog. check of pressing the button on the door etc. but nothing happens. If I connect direct power to the fans they work . The car is not showing any codes. Anybody have any ideas, as I get lost with electrics!
  9. pagan


    Are the exhausts on a DE roadster the same as the coupe?
  10. Fair enough! I understand where your coming from now.
  11. With all due respect these blanket posts are wrong. I was one of those that "didn't turn up" but I'm afraid illness in the family overides any car show. I am sorry for not letting you know, but when the sh**te hits the fan you don't think about anything else.
  12. Welcome from another Oxford owner.
  13. Welcome from another old fart



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