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  1. I’m aware of that. but as per your 1000hp thread, it’s not as easy as just slapping a turbo on and driving off into the sunset.
  2. ive got everything to put her back together apart from a gearbox, rear diff and driveshafts. managed to get a good deal on an RB26 that once I stripped down had forged rods and pistons and came with a pair of r34 turbos, Garrett 2860-5 turbos and a power fc. I will do a build thread eventually but work have blocked this place on our web filter and I only ever use my work laptop or phone these days.
  3. S14 went in March and was replaced by an R32 GTR. Currently collecting parts to rebuild it but obscene pricing slows it right down
  4. RSW used to make a RHD version for the Z. I had one on both my cars. failing that just remove the 3 centre dials, 60mm Defi’s fit there perfectly
  5. ARC Titanium knob was the best one I had
  6. I doubt it fits anything as well as it should do. It seems your mind was made up before starting this thread so it’s all been a waste of time really
  7. For £7k supercharger all the way but your gonna have to get a used supercharger kit to get the installation included in the price. how mechanically minded are you? I’ve done both supercharger and twin turbo setup DIY and the supercharger is super easy to diy
  8. yeah but gone from 2 seats to 4 which means we can go out as a family which keeps the wife happy. Happy wife happy life and all that crap
  9. it’s long gone unfortunately, wasn’t practical sinking money into it with a toddler to ferry about building an R32 GTR from a bare shell at the moment which is a lot mor challenging than a Z
  10. Cusco out of those lot. I’ve had them on multiple Zeds and skylines and loved them
  11. My old 350 is currently being rebuilt into a Failside F&F replica. Quite ironic given the abuse I've dished out to people with that kit over the years
  12. Is the correct answer. This, an R34 Z-Tune and an R33 400R are the only cars I could own and keep completely stock
  13. Te37s go well on pretty much any car. Second best wheel ever made IMO
  14. I've never had a electronic handbrake fail, I have had mechanical ones fail. I see nothing wrong with the electrical ones TBH, I suppose you cant impress your 17 year old girlfriends by doing handbrake turns with one though :P
  15. Americans call any form of handbrake the Ebrake so whats to say it wasnt a mechanical handbrake?
  16. I have found a R32 GTR and put a deposit down and I cant have both I bought this from a SXOC forum member last year, who spent many an hour restoring the car Restored 200SX S14a in Sapphire Green. The car underwent a full restoration around 18 months ago. All rust was cut out and new metal was welded in, the car was resprayed (apart from bonnet & roof) at the time. The car also comes with a big folder of service history, receipts and old MOTs. This car has been set up as a good road car and handles brilliantly. Like most S14s, there are a few modifications, mostly done
  17. I was bidding on it for that very reason Sorry if I drove the price up for the person buying it
  18. I sold 2 CD001 gear boxes last year and I struggled to sell them for good price. One of them had only done 63K miles. Think they sold for £250 a piece Nobody seemed to want them, they all wanted the 009
  19. Been busy the last few weeks trying to get the S14 ready for when the nice weather comes back (and potential lockdowns ending!) Its had a bit of a winter overhaul & I'm kinda at a cross roads with it at the moment. Over winter, I've done the following to it; Audi R8 Coilpacks THL R8 Coil Pack Harness Ignitor bypass harness Torque Damper GK Tech Oil Catch Can Koyo 53mm Radiator ARC Radiator Cap Samco Radiator Hoses Blitz LM Air Filter 3" Downpipe 3" decat pipe Dmax LED rear lights Rest of my Defi's fi
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