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  1. The fact that the displays go off when cranking suggests it’s battery related
  2. 1000hp will need a forged engine. 2J’s are bullet proof but only up to around 800
  3. I really wanted to do this to mine, I'd planned a full restoration of it before I sold it Love your videos BTW, have been subscribed for a while now
  4. Has he ever done a build of this proportion before? Does he have a plan to follow? As someone who has done builds like this, its draining. Its draining financially, drains on relationships and is a drain on you emotionally and mentally. I lost some good friends because of my build & almost lost my future wife. They take over your life. My build was at around 35k when I pulled the plug, and I still had probably another 15k left to spend. Its the little things that you forget about that catch you out, things like gaskets, fluids, hoses & fittings etc, I spent hundreds on AN fittings and hoses that you forget to take into account when planning the build out. IMO, given that your brother has by your own admission, very little money along with no social media or online presence but suddenly wants to YouTube everything, He's probably seen the big YouTube builds which are sponsored to death because they are established brands and he thinks that by doing this he can get on the bandwagon & get most of his car built for him by sponsors. I really hope I'm wrong and if he does YouTube it, I will be a subscriber and watch every video but I just can't see it happening.
  5. I can check tomorrow for you and see where it goes but I think it goes to the carbon canister. I removed mine and now it goes to the boost controller edit: ah the bigger one? Sure it’s for the oem dump valve
  6. There's more chance of me finishing a project that this 1000hp Supra
  7. Twin hybrid turbos when I bought it, Borg warner single turbo after the engine got forged. Would have been good for 700hp but didnt get finished
  8. Ian

    A 350z

    As your in Newcastle, why not speak to Jurgen @ Jm imports and ask him to find you a nice fresh import? if anything an import will have been better looked after than some UK cars and will be in much better condition underneath than nearly all Uk cars
  9. It really wouldn’t beat a stock GTR. Traction is a massive issue in a big turbo Supra. My 2JZ was built for 1000hp and the engine work was around 8k but that was years ago. Does he have 600hp currently or does he just think it’s not enough?
  10. The words pretty much stock & 600hp don’t really go together 600hp requires a big single turbo and a fair amount for work and tbh the jump from 600 to 1000 isn’t as big as the jump from stock to 600hp. He’s likely to have most of the supporting mods already in place.
  11. I had a 500hp Supra and it was a bit much tbh. I hope with that sort of power he’s investing in a traction control setup 400 is the sweet spot for a road car IMO like most people who modify cars, it’s certainly not done with a sensible hat on
  12. I had Enkei RPF1s in 18" on one of my Zeds. Perfect lightweight 18" wheel for a Z and affordable for a good quality wheel
  13. Added a bit more during my time off over Christmas Fitted my new DMax LED Rear Lights New Koyo radiator fitted Audi R8 coilpacks & new spark plugs, still waiting on the new coil pack wiring harness to work with the R8 coils. Hopefully this will stop the intermittent boost issue where it feels like hitting a wall at 4K RPM Purple Samco hoses Tomorrows jobs are to fit the above, cut the base of my new catch can for the FMIC pipework to go through it and drill new holes to fit some nutserts to secure it.
  14. I may have to get one of those on pay day I'm chasing hesitation when on boost at the moment, seems to hit a brick wall at 4K sometimes so I've bought Audi R8 coilpacks & new spark plugs, if that doesnt fix it I'll chuck my 350 MAF in
  15. Where did you get the oil pan from? Mine has a leak I think so might aswell upgrade
  16. If it saves you money and gets you the house then do it. Not meaning to offend, but your Z is high mileage and has a set of wheels & a wing as far as I can tell - its hardly something that couldn't be replicated once you get the house and get another Z
  17. Done a few more bits to the car over the past few weeks I bought a heater control unit with LED lighting off one of the facebook groups and a custom made oil catch can/washer combo tank and a Blitz air filter Rest of my Defi's finally turned up, so i got them fitted along with the Uras gauge pod Also got the Nismo 380RS accelerator pedal fitted along with some new floor mats My Dmax LED rear lights are currently stuck in customs I've also got a new Koyo radiator, Downpipe, Silicone hoses, Engine damper to fit while I'm off over Christmas I've also just sound deadened the car to make it a bit more family friendly ready for when I get a louder exhaust
  18. Cheap gauge, I've had cheap ones in the past & they never work properly. Gives a right scare when your oil pressure suddenly drops to zero and your 150 miles from home Best off with a Defi/Greddy gauge, they are pricy but they work so well :)
  19. I've had a 2011 A5 2.0TFSI for the past 2 years and luckily had no issues with it apart from the common oil consumption issue which coming from a Z you get used to Its honestly one of the nicest cars I have owned, but there is a lot of talk that the 1.8 is more problematic than the 2,0
  20. Doesnt take much space at all & has a 3 tonne weight limit so good for lifting most things. Its on single phase & yup, just needed a 16a fuse fitting to stop it tripping the power. The only thing that I wish I had done was to sink the ramp into the floor so that its flat and easier to get a car onto it. Reversing any rwd car with semi decent power whilst living in the wettest country on earth is a challenge when going up and over the ramp. i love it though, its by far one of the best things I have ever bought. After years of working outdoors and under gazeebos, to have a garage and a ramp is a massive culture shock
  21. For a 2 poster, you usually need 6+ inches of concrete for it. I've got one of these, Its a Platinum MSL3. It lifts the car about 6 foot in the air & is an absolute godsend. I dont know how I ever managed without it ^^ Thats on the lowest "lock" setting I paid a bit more for it than you can find them for on ebay, purely because theres a place that sells & maintains them 10 minutes from my house. I've had it over a year now, I had 1 issue with it where it locked itself in the highest position but that was just a dislodged sensor that was quickly rectified
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