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  1. Joe-9299

    Caliper Bolts

    Thank you so much!
  2. Joe-9299

    Caliper Bolts

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2006 GT model with Brembo calipers and I'm after a new set of caliper bolts, all four (M14 x1.5 I believe) as my current ones have stripped the thread, anyone know where I can find some new/used ones Thanks Joe
  3. ooh thank you very much for the reply! oh they do look good, what are those bronze wheels called?
  4. Hi All I am currently looking to get some new wheels on my z, i really like the bola b1's in matt bronze and was just wondering if anyone had any photos of a black z with these on, ive seen them a lot on the silver cars but cant seem to find any on black ones, just want to see what they could look like. Thanks Joe
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