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  1. Few more bits done last week Wrapped the lower dash pieces - absolute pain in the ass to wrap them, not 100% happy with the outcome so will redo them when I get more material Got the car ready to cook the Christmas Turkey Refitted the carpet and headliner today and trial fitted all of my suede covered pieces Its amazing how much darker the cabin is now with a black headliner. I received my carbon fibre skinning kit today so tomorrow is carbon fibre trial day I should be back in work next week so that should see the loosening of the purse strings a bit even though the wife has her eye on more home improvements
  2. I’ve got one for sale PM me if you still need one
  3. Removed from a 2003 UK 350Z with 61K miles of use on them. Comes with HEL lines (although the drivers side one will need replacing as its broken where it connects to the caliper £500 delivered in the UK
  4. Definitley need a sound clip of that exhaust
  5. It wasnt too bad TBH, some bits are really fiddly and the more I've done the better I am getting at it I might strip off some of the bits I have already done and redo them once my new adhesive arrives, This is the stuff I was using, its about 10 years old, so I am surprised its stuck I've done both sides of the upper dash, I've got the lower dash partially done but need more spray. The centre console "waterfall" will be done in Carbon
  6. I did some more bits today, Managed to get some of the dash done and the passenger side grab handle and then I ran out of adhesive spray. I did get some pictures on the fancy camera rather than my iPhone but I left it in the garage so I'll post them tomorrow
  7. I'll start by saying I am not an audio guy at all, I listen to music in my car but I'm not an audiophille by any means. I've stripped my interior ready to install sound deadening - This is to make the car more comfortable and quiet for my daughter rather than to improve sound quality of the stereo. So, while I am doing this, is there any benefit in just replacing the speakers or best to stick with the BOSE ones? I'm not looking to do a full install, I dont want any massive subs or amps. I have zero experience with audio other than replacing head units, would I need to replace the wiring if I did replace the speakers?
  8. Still on furlough and still no sign of a return to work which means any real spending is still on hold I have managed to get on with a few little things this weekend though. I've always hated the quality of the plastics in the cabin so had a go at wrapping a few panels in suede earlier Only done the passenger side A-Pillar, Both arm rests and the two rear strut parts so far. Should get a few more bits done tomorrow with the left over material I have Plan is to have a nice mix of suede and carbon fibre (proper carbon not the cheap stick on/hydro tat)
  9. Mkiv supra TT, R32GTR, R33 GTR, FD3 RX7, S15 Silvia all attainable for that price and will rocket in value IMO
  10. DW 600CC injectors with fuel rail spacers, in full working order. Only selling as I want to get bigger ones £300 delivered
  11. Have you got any sound clips of the greddy? I’m torn between that and another Tomei
  12. I think you should have done a lot more research before you sent your car off for it to be installed. who’s doing the installation?
  13. Do it white. In black, it just looks cheap and a bit tacky
  14. From the US and out of stock. Might be best you step away from searching
  15. Already cheked with Paul and they are broken the 4 highlighted in blue are the mounting tabs. I think I found a set on ebay which are not broken, just annoying as I sold a set last year in perfect condition thinking mine were OK
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