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  1. Thanks both Davey - oil isn’t my strong point. Any recommendations?
  2. Sheep_Flavour


    Apologies if this is a stupid question but found this oil on Amazon for a good deal. Is this the oil I need for a 05 Nissan 350z please? :)
  3. Hi all. Bought a 350z recently after being putting it off for ages. Love the car and thanks for the tips while I have been lurking around here. i don’t have a garage but a drive and since it’s a soft top car I want to pick up a car cover. I have only ever bought one in the past for another soft top car I have and due to living in a windy area I had problems with that blowing off. can anyone recommend a good 350z car cover that won’t have me chasing it down the street and is decent for a soft top?
  4. Thank you that’s really helpful
  5. I was looking at Snooper because there updates are free. But the car won’t be used enough for a major buy.
  6. Hey All. how are you? picking up my first ever 350z this week. While I would class myself as a good driver, I have been looking for a while at some speed camera Decs like Snooper. I just wondered if anyone had ever used them be if they think they are worth the money? i was thinking of getting a dash cam but I would have a lot of things working off my car.
  7. Hi All. i hope you had a nice weekend? i have seen lots of Zeds with the standard radio ripped out of it and replaced with a radio/sat nav screen. i have seen a Zed for good value but it doesn’t come with the sat nav. I was wondering how easy it was to use that cubby hole and put a sat nav in there? I know you won’t have the buttons but some have a remote on eBay? cheers SF
  8. South Wales not to far from Cardiff
  9. Hi all, in a month or so I will be looking to get a 350z. just wondered to ask a few questions. A) there’s a few older models. Is there an major issue in signing an older model and anything I need to look out for? B when buying a second hand Zed is there anything major I should look out for? Many thanks SF
  10. Newbie, Wales, hey all always interested in a 350z, but looking to get one now. Thanks for all the tips are forum.





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