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  1. Hi Gang, how are we? I have bought a car on HP before but I have never done one with PCP before. I have heard a few stories where it’s not ideal because they will try and sting you on scratch’s and mileage etc but just wondered if anyone out there has done in recently and if anyone has anyone good stories about it? it does seem cheaper than HP but then HP seems to have Less worries.
  2. Hi all, happy Monday 😁 anyone aware of a garage in the Cardiff or Newport area of South Wales or nearby that can repair a window on my 350z. It’s either the switch or the motor that has gone. many thanks.
  3. Thanks guys. the forum here has been a massive help to my 350z needs. sorry if this is a full question but I am not hot on rust. Do I need to get it done asap? Aka will it spread quickly? Or is there no major rush?
  4. Nice one thanks matey 😃👍
  5. Hi all, I hope your having a lovely weekend? 18 months ago I picked up a lovely 05 plate blue 350z roadster and while I would love a 370z for the amount of driving I have done it suits me down to the ground. Recently though I have noticed it’s first problem and I am not hot on rust with cars. if I wait till MOT and service is due in July is it a bad thing or do I need to get it sorted now and what sort of price am I looking at? also in South Wales anyone used any decent car garages round here?
  6. Afternoon all. Last year I picked up a blue soft top 350z which had been looked after. It had the window switch issue on the passenger side where it would some times go up and if it doesn’t you had to wait a while and eventually it would go back up (normally this would happen after putting the roof down and then back up when required) I read on forums such as this that it’s an easy fix yourself or not to expensive if you get a garage to do it etc. over the winter I didn’t start my car as much as I should and the battery went. After a couple of months, I recently replaced the battery and the window switch thing doesn’t seem to be an issue any more! So I am just wondering if there is any chance the battery replacement ‘re set’ anything or if it’s still going to be an issue probably in the future and I have just been lucky at the moment? 😃
  7. Apologies if this is a dull question, but with the clicking does it matter? Is it somthing that needs to be sorted right away or very dangerous or can be sorted when I have time. I hear a clicking on mine but only when roof or window is down so I assume it’s this but not sure. Just wondered if it is this?
  8. Hi Z. Sorry for being dull. The car was locked but I can get it in with the key in the front door. Was I missing somthing?
  9. Morning All, My 350z is currently off the road from Nov to March time. With the recent cold weather the battery has gone flat. No issue in getting someone out to replace the battery but I was wondering since I don’t plan on using it until the weather gets a bit warmer in 2021, is there any issue in leaving the car stand for 2 or 3 months without a battery and being used? it is under a water proof cover so no water will get in. many thanks for your help as always.
  10. Thanks both Davey - oil isn’t my strong point. Any recommendations?
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