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  1. Hi Z. Sorry for being dull. The car was locked but I can get it in with the key in the front door. Was I missing somthing?
  2. Morning All, My 350z is currently off the road from Nov to March time. With the recent cold weather the battery has gone flat. No issue in getting someone out to replace the battery but I was wondering since I don’t plan on using it until the weather gets a bit warmer in 2021, is there any issue in leaving the car stand for 2 or 3 months without a battery and being used? it is under a water proof cover so no water will get in. many thanks for your help as always.
  3. Thanks both Davey - oil isn’t my strong point. Any recommendations?
  4. Sheep_Flavour


    Apologies if this is a stupid question but found this oil on Amazon for a good deal. Is this the oil I need for a 05 Nissan 350z please? :)
  5. Hi all. Bought a 350z recently after being putting it off for ages. Love the car and thanks for the tips while I have been lurking around here. i don’t have a garage but a drive and since it’s a soft top car I want to pick up a car cover. I have only ever bought one in the past for another soft top car I have and due to living in a windy area I had problems with that blowing off. can anyone recommend a good 350z car cover that won’t have me chasing it down the street and is decent for a soft top?
  6. Thank you that’s really helpful
  7. I was looking at Snooper because there updates are free. But the car won’t be used enough for a major buy.
  8. Hey All. how are you? picking up my first ever 350z this week. While I would class myself as a good driver, I have been looking for a while at some speed camera Decs like Snooper. I just wondered if anyone had ever used them be if they think they are worth the money? i was thinking of getting a dash cam but I would have a lot of things working off my car.
  9. Hi All. i hope you had a nice weekend? i have seen lots of Zeds with the standard radio ripped out of it and replaced with a radio/sat nav screen. i have seen a Zed for good value but it doesn’t come with the sat nav. I was wondering how easy it was to use that cubby hole and put a sat nav in there? I know you won’t have the buttons but some have a remote on eBay? cheers SF
  10. South Wales not to far from Cardiff
  11. Hi all, in a month or so I will be looking to get a 350z. just wondered to ask a few questions. A) there’s a few older models. Is there an major issue in signing an older model and anything I need to look out for? B when buying a second hand Zed is there anything major I should look out for? Many thanks SF





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