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  1. Very true.......its my sons...we got it a year ago.......trying to get it back to "stock"...he's been busy in the army this year......
  2. Hi...not not me...or my son really as it is his ! We are in Burgess Hill
  3. Quick update a year later....Wheels done front respray for a zillion stone chips....
  4. hi...thanks for the chipex recommendations....ill go that way. The front bumper needs a respray...bonnet not too bad.
  5. Hi Looking for recommendations on where to buy touch up paint from...
  6. Hi I am buying a new fuse link holder....after a drama of trying to find the fault........ I can see a bodge job on it with a cable tie......can anyone advise what this fuse protects please?
  7. do they come with fuses in them or do you have to buy these too...whats the tricky bit ? cheers!
  8. did you get one of these...if so where from ?
  9. I need one of these - any one any ideas where i can get one from ? OEM 350Z / G35 Nissan Fusible Link Holder Brand: Nissan Part #: 24380-79913 Fits models: 350Z / G35
  10. many thanks...they are not cheap are they...what they made of solid gold...
  11. it came with the car.....a small bit of chrome flaked off so we will see if it does light up otherwise ill try and get a stock gear stick and better gaiter fitting. Any idea what the OEM "stock" gear knob looked liked?
  12. By jove i think you may be right! I will give it a go at the weekend.
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