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  1. Ian

    been cleaning

    Looks fantastic . Starting to prefer the Gunmetal to the Azure. Blade Silver hides dirt good aswell, Ive got a silver primera that hasnt been washed in months and looks good
  2. Ian

    Rays G-Games 99B

    I like those, would look nice on an Azure or Gunmetal 350
  3. Ian

    My Current Car

    Didnt notice them at the time
  4. Ian

    My Current Car

    Thought i'd add some pics of my current car. Hoping that I can sell it this week - Then the Zed hunt is on Just a few of the 300 photos Ive taken of it in the last 15months. Its had a few tweaks and is running about 210BHP.
  5. Ian


    I cant get involved in slating colours - I drive a yellow car at the moment
  6. Ian


    Definalty the best colour . Although Gunmetal is lovley aswell
  7. Ian


    Been looking at this car on Pistonheads but it seems too cheap does anybody know of the car?? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/101248.htm Thanks
  8. Just the one was enough to convince me . Tempted by the one I drove today. Its for sale at £20kish for a 53 plate with 25k miles, although looking ar autotrader & pistonheads it seems a bit expensive.
  9. Hi Been a member here a while but have been gathering information about the 350. Went to have a look and test drive one at a dealers today and have had a smile on my face since . All thats left now is for me to sell my car and then find the right car. :bye:
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