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  1. Interested in roll bars as well
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying ShortPaul, Bumper has had it unfortunately, literally being held on with tape on one side plus plenty of scratches etc. I have to admit I am tempted to go for a Nismo V2 however once fitting and paint is factored in it gets quite expensive. Mack
  3. As long as the postage cost is reasonable I would like to buy.
  4. I did thanks Payco, unfortunately he no longer posts bumpers.
  5. Thanks for the reply Davy, hopefully I will find a black one to save a respray
  6. Hey Mikey, I did however they wanted crazy money, I will try them again.
  7. Looking for a front bumper, in black for my UK spec 2004 DE. Consider OEM or aftermarket, Im located near Stansted airport. Exact colour match not important as the paint work isn't perfect on my car.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good bodyshop near Bishops Stortford? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply buster. Do you find your seat is offset to the side? Idealy I'm looking for something that provides a level platform from the front left mounting point. If I base mount my seat directly onto the platform my seat will be centralised with the steering wheel, at the correct height and not to far away from the pedals. Im looking for it to be flat so as not to add any unnecessary height. Please see my poor photoshopping effort to see if it makes sense! Mack
  10. Hello, I am currently have my Sparco Sprint seat on Buddy Club rails but I am looking to get the seat slightly lower. Ive been looking at the OMP and Planted seat brackets but I have been unable to get any photos to confirm how they deal with the lumps near the transmission tunnel. Im looking for a bracket that is flat so I can base mount the seat and doesn't add any extra unnecessary height to the seat. Any photos appreciated. Mack
  11. Some good advice to read up the CAA guide lines, I fly 737's for a living. To give you some idea most approaches we fly are only around 3 degrees, some can be as shallow as 2.5 degrees. 5 miles from an airport we are usually around 1500 feet or 460 meters with an airspeed of 165kts or 190mph. Our landing speed is around 140kts or 160mph. With the speeds involved and a plane full of passengers you can see why they are getting stricter on drones. I don't have much knowledge of helicopters but as your drone basically is a helicopter your might stumble upon something called Vortex ring state. Essentially if you descend quickly the rotors just cycle the air in a circle and stop generating lift. You have to move sideways into clean air to recover. Theres an article on wikipedia about it, might save you a repair bill.
  12. OBD2 reader with a cellphone/tablet/computer may be an option. Mine can read speed around 2.6 times per second however your will probably need some computer or smartphone programming skills to output a signal.
  13. Welcome! I have a lot of respect for MX5's having driven a friend of mines which was supercharged. Im sure I have a post on here somewhere saying I'm not going to modify but eventually you will modify. You may fight it but it is only a matter of time. When you do the suspension you will find another level. If you don't want to spend any more money I suggest you don't drive a modified car.





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