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  1. What can I say guys.....thanks for the fun and laughs.....enjoyed every minute (except being stuck on Applecross lol) Enjoyed leading on the Saturday it's always a highlight for me!! Nice to meet all the new ones and catch up with the "veterans" and thanks to Jim for the loan of our radios....they really do make the trip. Chirag and Sai as entertaining as usual....and being behind "Sooty" was well eyewatering lol Glad my jerry can came in useful and we had no really big mechanical problems. Loved Nuggets detour to Kinlochleven that was brilliant twisty driving!! Last but not least thanks to Brian and Adele for the company and organisation.....top people! Thanks for the excellent company guys and gals hopefully see you all on the next one!! (pics to follow) Ian n Jenny
  2. I enjoyed leading for some of the northern section....taught me a lot about the handling on my car lol
  3. Yeah should be ok will sort that out closer to the date though
  4. All hotels booked but doing Airbnb In Ft.William we might go across country to Laxford Bridge and meet you coming south at Kyelsku Bridge......are we using the walkie talkies this time?
  5. Blue.....looks totally different in white tbh
  6. Had it from new 2007 and has just over 40k on the clock in the best colour EVER ;-)
  7. Totally agree.....time and place for everything.....I only saw the fuzz going into Durness last time....and remember we do have our communication devices lol
  8. Been looking at stickers options...cheapest I could find was around £16 for about 60 lol....so need to see if everyone will want one etc?
  9. Could meet at the Maccie D's at the end of the M90/A9 island at Perth?



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