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  1. Two originals for sale. Used condition need a good clean £15.00 plus £5.00 postage
  2. Two originals for sale need re gassing, £15.00 plus £5.00 postage
  3. Yes, wouldn't give it long, if people flood into the capital with scaled down public transport which the gov said we shouldn't be using anyway.
  4. https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/13/pictures-show-trains-buses-rammed-millions-urged-return-work-12694839/
  5. Went to B & Q today. Long story, basically my lawn mower engine went ping on the weekend. Got a replacement. People didn't stick to the 2 metre rule. Busy talking to each other. I was changing direction quickly to avoid them. Got home put grill on and that went ping. Great! Went out and polished the Z and practiced some mindlefulness!
  6. Your right lunacy. Lots of bikers out near me heading for the Hastings coast. Lots more families out in vehicles. You can def tell traffic is up. Highlight was a couple of Aston Martin DB 5/6 pass my house. Can they all be going to Tesco and B & Q? Do they think Johnson is about to soften the restrictions tomorrow drastically? Does not help that some known Tabloids are making it worse with hyping this up. Lot of brainless sods believe this.
  7. Sorted, took the three screws that hold the top panel in place and the centre gold nut in the middle. Top panel unclipped in places but not coming out. Seems to be an issue around the vent area. Do I need to take the centre console out?
  8. Sorry thumb, not fun sending this whilst in the footwell.
  9. Managed to get the kick plate off with brute force and smashed my fun. Love the lock down! If anyone can help with getting the cup holder off to access the retaining bolt, thanks
  10. Hi All, I need to remove the lower panel but having a few problems. Took of the door seal and trim. Took off the plastic bolt that holds the plastic kick plate in place, but it's refusing to come off. Part of it comes off but I can see another bolt in the centre which is I take a bolt for the panel stay. Also how do you take the cup holder off to access the other retaining bolt? Thanks dan
  11. If they don't crackdown now it will get worse with Easter Weekend coming. Masses of bikers on route down my way via the A21 to the coast. Lots of public normally watch them along the route. Also quite a few takeaway's set up from closed cafe's for them to congregate.
  12. Here the bikers out already heading for Hastings, oh dear! They can't resist. I will be out in the garden digging the veg patch out ready for carrots and leaks. Now told by councils not to build up to much garden waste as brown bin garden waste collection is suspended. Bin men are self isolating.
  13. Lotus 7 drove by a quite a speed whilst I washed the car. I am not sure if he was going out for his essentials. Tweed jacket, cap the works. Maybe had enough of the other half and took it out on the road. Lots of people so dismissive of the government advice.
  14. I need to go in to the office at some point to pick up another laptop but I will ensure that no one else us around probably very early morning.
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