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  1. Minid

    Brake discs

    Hi, wanted to clean up my brake discs on the blaster. Took of the calliper and the central nut. Still no joy when giving it a tap. Anything I am missing. Or are they just rusted on. There is a little black grommet on the disc, anything in there need actioning? If I use more force I might warp them and buying a new set, thanks
  2. Sorry meant hole not hall, hate predictive text.
  3. Hi, seems the last large 19mm end bolt is so far into the hall, no socket I have in long enough. Recommendations?
  4. Hi Ian, do you have any rear suspension stay brackets drivers side. W brace bolts on to them on each side, thanks dan
  5. I have a large bottle of srp left. Is it worth changing for the tripple?
  6. Minid


    Hi All, my 350z is kept on the drive all the time. I am having the front end and rear spoiler resprayed next month and want to get a decent wax for protection from the elements. I was looking at bikt hamber double speed wax or AF Tripple. Can you recommend a wax that provides a decent shine but gives that protection, thanks
  7. Minid

    350z W Brace

    Thanks Alex. Can you give me a good price for both. I have also found a second hand one so may just buy the bolt kit off you. Does the fixing kit include the nuts for 2 plastic covers? Can you give me a price for that as well.
  8. Minid

    350z W Brace

    Hi, anyone have a 2nd hand one, that I can clean up and smoothrite. Tried to take my old one off and the small bolts that hold the plastic covers on each side sheared off. That was rusty. New ones are a bit pricey, thanks dan
  9. Hi does anyone have a spare, mine was badly scratched. Keeps bubbling despite priming, paint and clearcoat thanks dan
  10. Minid

    BMW M135i

    The only slight issue I have is the look. Not that pleasing on the eye
  11. Minid

    BMW M135i

    Having a look at this one. Good space for kids and really quick.
  12. Minid

    GT4 spruce up

    Hi All, Got new front mats and rear boot mat as they looked tired. Nice like for like only difference is that I added a grey border for the boot mat to match the front. Also repainted the boot strut bar and clear coated. Booked in for respray in a few months time in yellow. During that time I will be rust proofing the chassis. All good fun
  13. Hi All, does anyone have a new z badge for the strut bar cover. Mine has a few marks, will try to see if I can sort out via painting if not, if anyone had a spare thanks dan



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