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  1. I can make next week during the week.
  2. Nardo_Z

    WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone

    Guess it will be just me then!
  3. I'm a newbie-ish and semi based in the MK area. Do you have a group thread somewhere I've not found?
  4. Hi all, Planning on going to the WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone on the Sunday (August 19th) and shall be taking the Zed if anyone also planning on going it would be good to meet. https://www.fiawec.com/en/race/show/4598 Cheers, James
  5. Nardo_Z

    Bright Orange 350z - M1 Southbound

    Yes there was a "D" missing. Small world!
  6. Nardo_Z

    Bright Orange 350z - M1 Southbound

    I work at Rebull in MK about 3 days a week and am in the Gaydon/Leamington area 2-days and weekends. (I live near Southam) Sometimes drive through Daventry on the way home from RB depending on traffic.
  7. Hi Kbad, What model diffuser is this?
  8. Nardo_Z

    MartinW's simple HR build

    Hi Martin, Love the carbon skins, may I ask where you got them done and what the rough cost was as I have a bunch of interior parts I'd like to do also. Thanks, James
  9. Likewise, I'd like to know as I am in MK most weeks.
  10. Gorgeous car mate. Welcome. Big jump coming from a Civic!
  11. Nardo_Z

    Bright Orange 350z - M1 Southbound

    Hahaha brilliant. Love winding people up like that. My favourite is blowing kisses. Sends people mental. Love to see it up close, I'm based between Milton Keynes and Leamington Spa. PM me if you're in the area so I can have a perv (of the car!).
  12. What do you guys think of the: McLaren Senna? and Aston Martin Valkyrie:
  13. Nardo_Z

    Bright Orange 350z - M1 Southbound

    Haha, nah I was on the other carriageway and in my nondescript daily. Sooooo you won't have seen me! Love the colour in real life!