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  1. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS. Reg WWU 276J 2) KBAD - 350z . Reg J44SUS 3) nismoandy- 350z - WP06FNX 4) Nino - 370z - Reg. SK12 XZZ 5) Olly350z - 370z Nismo - GM16 JBX 6) Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Reg. A20MUX 7) andy james. 350z reg AJ07 ZZZ 😎Humpy - 370z N12 SRA 9) Richn370 - 370Z CX59OKP 10) ColDel - vx220 - VK05XEU 11) davey83 - 350z - GT05ZED 12) pintopete58 350z GA53SOZ 13) Charlie Boy - 350z - AK56BYT 14) 💥Zippypooz - 350z - N44SSN💥 15) hotrain69 - 350z - NA07YTU 16) JohnI - 370Z Nismo - PA04YCO 17) Loadmaster - 370
  2. For sale: Genuine Nismo Carbon Shift Knob I originally purchased it from a fellow forum member but never got round to fitting it. It comes complete in the original packaging with everything from new, even the little Nismo gear sticker. I'm looking for £90 and that'll include postage in the UK via Royal Mail. Regards, Shane
  3. Really happy with mine also. Can highly recommend them
  4. Looks good. You just need to swap the wheels now
  5. These are still available. I would say gathering dust but they're lovingly protected in the garage
  6. Thank you for the feedback! It looks like I've made my mind up then
  7. Yeah the 285's are fairly common. It's the 245's that are the problem. Near impossible to find a place that stocks both sizes, hence why looking for alternatives.
  8. I'm looking at a new full set for my MK1 Nismo and as the correct 'OEM NISMO' sizing is a problem with the 4S (trying to find them in both 245 & 285 from a single retailer is proving tricky, 245 in particular) this is an option for me. I saw a couple of the MK2's at the Torqen meet today running the below setup. Going on assumption, would the below setup be suitable for mine? If not, any preferences on other sizing? Thanks in advance FRONT Michelin Pilot Sport 4S PS4S - 265/35 R19 (98Y) XL TL REAR Michelin Pilot Sport 4S PS4S - 30
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