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  1. Killick.z

    370Z Nismo

    IMO (very biased) MK1 over 2 for aesthetics all day long and the fact you rarely if ever see one. The rear in particular with the wing looks superb and not forgetting the Ray's. The MK2 has the Recaro's over the standard but comfortable Nismo seats so swap them out with some Braums and you're laughing
  2. Killick.z

    Private plate printing recommendations

    Yeah I highly recommend them and to be fair the photo doesn't really do it enough justice. I've got a few other friends who have used them also. I believe I paid £55 for the set and that includes next day delivery.
  3. Killick.z

    Private plate printing recommendations

    Exclusive Registrations on Instagram. I've received a lot of compliments about the look of them and they are 100% legal and of good quality. The lettering actually extends from the plate itself.
  4. Killick.z


    I've been subscribed for approx. 5 months and have been happy with the variety of products and also the diversity of brands used. It's a good way to try out several different products without commiting to buying one then realising you don't get on with it. The brands consist of usually a couple of the well known (chemical guys, Wowo's, Auto Perfection) to lesser known including Polished Pigs, Black Sheep and Alien Car Magic who's stuff I highly recommend, especially the glass cleaner. Some gloves and air freshners are then thrown in. I feel its still a little pricey at approx. £17 per month but again nice to open up a box of goodies and coming across something different.
  5. Killick.z

    Zeds of Instagram

    Killick.z on Instagram
  6. Killick.z

    Does snowfoam work

    If your cars been sitting there with just dust on for a week or 2, you’ll get away with a snow foam. Any use of the car (even if it looks clean) it’s pre wash via snow foam and 2 bucket. Its role is is to simply lift dirt from the paintwork. It’ll never provide you with a deep clean.
  7. Killick.z

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    1. Davey_83 2. nissanman312 (Maybe) 3. 14N 4. OnlyAfro (Maybe if the weather is decent) 5. Matt jb88 6. Jay84 7. CLASSIX 8. Killick.z (Weather permitting)
  8. Killick.z

    New member

    Welcome. We’ll certainly see you coming
  9. Killick.z

    Forge action day September 8th

    Really enjoyed this show. It seemed like the whole nation of Wales attended (and the rain held out just about). See you all at Trax
  10. Killick.z

    Some polishing advice please

    Maybe try a synthetic Wax instead and see how you get on. I can recommend Meguiars which can usually be picked up for around £20 on offer at Halfrauds or Amazon. Nice to work with by hand. Poorboys Black Hole also a good shout.
  11. Killick.z

    T-Shirts And Polo Shirts (350z)

    Sorry for some reason I didn't see the reply and totally forgot about it. I'm interested in the 370z design T-shirt & Polo but I'm a fussy git and prefer a 'slim fit' rather than Dad fit - so (S) is probably way to go as long as isn't too short for a 6ft 1 guy. How are the prices at the moment?, any discount If I was to buy both?. Cheers.
  12. Killick.z


    1. andy James +1 - Paid Track time 12.20/13.40 2. Humpy - Paid 3. Nso93- paid 4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow - Paid 6. Chippychip123 +1 - Paid 7. Jay84 - Paid 8. Coopen87 - Paid 9. Vroom811 - Paid  10. 14N - Paid  11. reeceybeaney +1 12. Buster - paid 13. Shire - paid  14. Daveo132 - Paid 15. Keith Olive - Paid 16. Dra1975 - Paid  17. Mark350Z - Paid  18. Killick.Z - Paid Remember the deadline is tomorrow guys. It'd be great if we could make 20!
  13. Killick.z

    Zed Virgin

    Beautiful colour. Welcome and enjoy!
  14. Killick.z

    Getting Rid of a Car you found

    Place a cover over the PUG and hold a ‘storage wars’ event. You’ll soon get rid of it