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  1. Ordered a few bits from you! - some great prices especially on the Gtechniq!
  2. A couple of official photos from Waxstock 2019.
  3. Last weekend at Waxstock 2019. Went down on the Saturday with @Lewis Schwier and managed to get selected for a top 16 spot for the Sunday showdown. All geared towards detailing, the winners being those with cars meticulously cared for rather than heaps of money thrown at them which makes a change. Next up, Jap Performance Show which is the complete opposite but fun none the less.
  4. Killick.z

    Service parts

    Opie Oils tend to be good for top quality products. They usually have discounts when you spend £50+ etc.
  5. You'll be wanting Stoptech discs/pads. @Adrian@TORQEN should be able to help you further. I can also vouch for Horsham Developments. Took my Nismo there last week for a full P3 and was very impressed with how meticulous they were and informative.
  6. They are crazy common in USA. Very rare to see them not modified aesthetically though this looks like the suspension has been altered.
  7. The last one in particular is superb
  8. Welcome! - if only the red accents matched the calipers. Maybe that's me being picky
  9. The silver is K23 (Brilliant Silver). I've seen 4 in silver, a few in white which is the most 'common' it seems and 1 in black. That's in a year. Remember seeing a MK2 in red which was for sale and looked stunning.
  10. I see them as totally different cars. The BMW would make the ideal daily with the added comfort, practicality and decent torque on tap when you want it. The downside is they are everywhere (for a credible reason mind you). As you've said, you previously had the MK2 so know how it feels etc. The MK1 just brings that added uniqueness, even over the MK2. Its simply nice to have something you don't see everyday, or in fact at all. I couldn't daily mine though, its incredibly harsh. The infotainment system is awful, but I don't use it anyway. Can't even hear the radio because of the road noise - All the best with what you decide on, nice dilemma to have
  11. I've just booked mine in at Horsham Developments for a service. Been recommended them by numerous Z owners. Either them or Abbey Motorsport depending on your location. Let me know if you need any help regarding what needs to be done at what stage etc.



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