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  1. Yes the drivers just pays for admission. All passengers are free.
  2. I've been selected for the Show and Shine so will see you guys there! 1. Nso93 - Paid 2. cloud1440 3. 14N - Paid 4. ShortPaul 5. Silverthorn - Paid 6. Valy - Paid 7. Liviu 8. Pagan - Paid 9. Liamm56 10. Umster  11. EzeePzee - Paid 12. andy james- paid 13. Lewis Schwier 14. SHEZZA - Paid 15. Terence 16. Jamesmac 17. Humpy - Paid 18. kG350z - PAID 19. Buster - paid 20. Andy_Muxlow - paid 21. Daveo132 - paid 22. Chris Kleiser - Paid! 23. napp Paid
  3. Pretty certain I've seen a few 370z with the standard GTR wheels (mostly in the USA) - and I think they look too big on a Z imo.
  4. Yes you'll have the parking area pass (T1) with you and the stewards will direct you to the correct area. You shouldn't miss us anyway
  5. It looks like we've got a superb spot at Japfest if this is anything to go by!
  6. Congrats on the purchase of a 370z Nismo. Is it the MK1 or MK2?. Sadly you are of luck. The club tickets deadline passed a couple of weeks ago and they aren't transferable. It is the first show of 2019 so plenty more to come later in the year. They are all listed in the events section (including Japfest Donington) whilst there's about 2 weeks to book a space at JDM Combe.
  7. Sounds good, not that we've got far to travel for once
  8. Nice outing at Caffeine & Machine today with @Lewis Schwier Let's hope the weather is anything remotely similar to this come Japfest in a few weeks time.
  9. @Silverthorn very rarely do I like a 370z that has been modified with no added rice and still looks 'clean'. Look forward to seeing at the upcoming shows!
  10. Payco NickC Silverhorn Killick.z I'm sure it's Sunday 28th July mind you
  11. I would have done as haven't been before but I'm on holiday so sadly can't make it



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