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  1. Killick.z

    Milton Keynes - Tuesday 26th June

    Any updates on a date for this month whilst the weather is still nice?
  2. That’s great I never even thought of searching for that. They both worked great and it’s actually very interesting. Cheers.
  3. Killick.z

    Love cleaning OEM tips

    That's a lovely colour Z you have there. The depth is spot on. Sonax BSD is an underrated detailer. I always stock up when Car Parts For Less have it on sale for around £5-£6.
  4. Nice to know. Where did you find/hear of this information? Thank you!
  5. Does anyone have any idea on how many Z's there are in the UK per type? (MK1 Nismo silver etc) finding it difficult to find any information relating to this!
  6. Any update regarding this?. Obviously as per above I'd love to attend but am holding off with payment until the list has been updated etc. Cheers.
  7. Killick.z

    Cleaning Advice

    +1 for Gyeon Bathe+. Wet Coat is great afterwards also, very hydrophobic. All of Gyeon's products are superb. Some of my personal favourites; Snow Foam - Bilt Hamber Auto Foam / Auto Finesse Avalanche Deep Clean Wash - Bilt Hamber Auto Wash General Wash - Auto Finesse Lather Top-up Wash - Gyeon Bathe+ & Gyeon Wet Coat Wash & Wax - Meguiars Wash & Wax Iron Remover - Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel / Autoglym Magma Wheel Cleaner - Autobrite Very Cherry Detailer - Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine << highly recommend just after drying your car / Gleem Freaks QD Wheel Sealants - Poorboys Wheel Sealant / Auto Finesse Mint Rims Tyre Dressings - Sams Detailing Tyre Shine / Meguiars Endurance (though takes a while to dry but looks great) Synthetic Wax - Meguiars Synthetic Liquid Wax << Really good stuff and easy to remove. Wax - Autoglym HD Wax / Autoglym Ultra HD Wax << both fantastic / Soft 99 Authentic Premium Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner - Auto Finesse Spritz & Gyeon Q2M Preserve Fabric Cleaner - Autobrite FAB Cleaner Sealants - Gleem Freaks Nano Coat Glass Cleaner - Alien Magic Diamond Glass Cleaner Leather Cleaner & Conditioners - Gliptone Leather Cleaner / Gliptone Conditioner Metal Polish - Autosol Metal Polish / Auto Finesse Metal Polish Clay Bar - Medium Compund (Auto Finesse) w/ Glide as lubricant but could use any detailer also.. It's easy to start building a collection...
  8. Killick.z

    Milton Keynes - Tuesday 26th June

    Who would of thought it, MK the hub of 350/370z’s
  9. Killick.z

    New Member From The Yorkshire Coast

    That's a cracking road. Not long back from holiday in that area. Unfortunately took the company Ford Focus
  10. Killick.z

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Making the most of the shade...
  11. Killick.z

    New Member From The Yorkshire Coast

    It looks mint. Haven't seen many, if any so nice to see something different
  12. Killick.z

    World Cup

    Well.. that was more comfortable than usual, borderline enjoyable Probably Russia?. Croatia are technically a very good side. Modric & Rakitic are world class in the middle. Russia are.. the host nation, that's all, but it seems to count for ALOT.
  13. Killick.z

    Recommendations for new front tyres (245/40/19)

    and I joined the forum for the helpful and accurate advise...
  14. Killick.z

    370Z Nismo 36MPG!

    I've quickly come to realise (a week today) its very difficult to drive the Nismo steady