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  1. I've messaged you regarding the shifter. Cheers
  2. I'm more than happy to wait for the right person to come along. I'm not sure I'm willing to brave them on Facebook just yet
  3. As in too far away. A drive anywhere south near the M25 is avoided as much as possible.
  4. Killick.z

    370z steering wheel.

    Why don't you see if Royal Steering Wheels have some spare that they could refurb for you? When I got mine, they already had one done so just swapped it over and took mine. Its worth a shout.
  5. Purchased from a regular forum member, it is with some regret that these superb seats are now up for sale. Originally out of a Juke RS Nismo, they are very similar to that of the Mk2 370z Nismo seats however the colours are contrasting and the Nismo logo is positioned lower. Personally I prefer these aesthetically. The seats have been fitted with Bride/custom rails/brackets to fit directly into a 370z. They were fitted to and used in a 370z by the previous owner. The original thread is on here somewhere! As per attached photos, the seats are in superb condition. The leather has been conditioned and coated by myself and the Alcantara also treated. There is absolutely zero wear and tear on the leather or Alcantara. They are as close to brand new as you could possibly get. For those that know me and have seen my car, you know how meticulous I am The rears of the seats have a couple of small scuffs on the plastic that were already on them. When fitted, they aren't visible. Reason for sale After being a complete novice when it comes to any form of modification, I fell out of love with these seats without even driving a single mile in them over a 3 month period of garage/lockdown life. This was probably also down to being newly self-employed and falling into the 5% that received no financial help over the lockdown period. Thankfully now I'm back to work and just want to get out and enjoy the car. The car was SORN over this period as I had no income so everything just seemed against me. Onto the seats, my concerns were the airbags and wiring as these seats come complete with the airbags. After talking to a couple of members of here, I can confirm it's recommended to not use them and instead fit a resistor to the cars harness to disable them and then resetting the airbag light so it doesn't flash when driving. This info can be found on the forum and is simple if you know what you're doing. I can link to the relevant information should you need it. Upon fitting, the drivers side lined up correctly with 3 out of the 4 floor bolts spot on, however the back right was out in both directions by approx. 20/30mm. There is adjustment in the bracket but I couldn't get it to line up. Maybe the Nismo is slightly different dimensions to the standard 370z?, maybe it was just me giving up Whatever the issue, its a simple fix for someone who knows what they're doing and has a little more patience than me. The passenger side is spot on as per photos though the rail is slightly stiff in comparison to drivers. I'd like these to go to someone who will properly appreciate them. I'm asking for £1850 collected from Milton Keynes. This is how much I paid for them. I could get more but I'm happy to get my money back. They will be posted on here prior to anywhere else as I'd prefer to deal with people who don't muck around. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me. These will make someone very happy, and me because I'll probably end up replacing the stock exhaust Regards, Shane.
  6. Had the steering wheel refurbed by Royal Steering Wheels who I highly recommend. Finally rid of the poor wearing grey Alcantara and gone full black with a more aggressive but still OEM look.
  7. That's a stunning colour! Welcome!
  8. All I know is its been for sale for a long time. Each to their own. I've seen it in person.
  9. I own a 2014 Nismo and 1st and 2nd are only hassle when it's cold. No grinding as such but just a ball-ache to get into gear. All the others are as smooth as can be (I use the term smooth with a pinch of sarcasm)
  10. They do finish off the interior really well. How many miles did you drive in them?
  11. Guys! I'm trying to resist but yes I couldn't agree more





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