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  1. Thanks all for the opinions, very helpful
  2. Yep that's sort of my thinking too, to get my car how I want it I'd have to spend a couple of grand. That is stunning, love the wheels!
  3. Saw a nice MK1 for sale the other day for 18.5k, think it's sold now
  4. Story of my life that mate haha
  5. I'd have to find a way to delete that, lovely car Glad you're pleased with it MK3 Focus RS behind you, I had one, sold it after 3 months
  6. Exhaust would be sorted as I have an Armytrix, so no issues there Agreed I think the nismo is b e a uuutiful
  7. Read through that after you posted it, loved how it looked at the start before it started getting wild, fair play he's spent some money on that
  8. I know what you're saying yeah, the only thing id keep is the Armytrix to be honest so wouldn't be hard to swap over my bits
  9. Part of me says just buy a Nismo and be happy with it The other bit of me says if I buy a nismo I'll want to do stuff to that as well haha
  10. Good idea, but then I'm just spending thousands I'll never get back, when I could just buy a nismo and relax.... Or mod that as well knowing me
  11. You're right there bud That is my problem, I never apply logic haha! Very tempted!
  12. I love them Recaro seats, but yeah I get your point. The electric ones in my GT certainly makes my partners life easier to get the seat forward. Yep I get your point about the price difference too. Tough decision, I'm more than happy with the car I have but do quite like the thought of a nismo for a few years as a 'keeper'.
  13. Hi guys, I have a lovely 370z at the moment which I didn't plan on keeping for long but I've grown to like it alot more than I thought I would. I'm considering upgrading to a 370z Nismo (I've never driven one just like how they look). Is the Nismo worth the upgrade do you think? Would be looking to keep it for a few years hence why I'm considering changing to something a bit newer than my 2010 model. Or is there no point? My car currently has coilovers, an Armytrix exhaust, and I recently had the clutch changed. I would of course
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