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  1. chefey

    Wheels wanted

    Hi Alex... Wheels arrived yesterday, very pleased with them, thanks very much.
  2. As in title how much does it usually cost ?
  3. Anyone selling any Rays Alloys, preferably not needing refurbishing, for 04 350z GT, thanks in advance.
  4. ATTAK.... You are a star, battery was off car earlier in the year, so that is probably what caused problem. It would only do it every couple of weeks, but sure that was what caused problem. Will go and reset them later. The manual I downloaded is not the easiest to use, would have been on an eternity to find that, I wonder if it would even have had that reset cure. Thanks very much, you are a true gent.
  5. Thanks ATTAK .... I have a manual I downloaded, I believe it tells you how to do it.
  6. Sometimes when closing doors one of the windows lowers halfway, can be either window, does not do it every time, nothing is caught in window. Is it some kind f safety thing or do I have a fault and is it an easy fix. Thanks in advance.
  7. My 04 350GT needs 2 front number plate mount plastic type nuts and screws, local dealer comes up with something totally different. The nuts are like 2 little tubes joined by 2 strips. Any ideas where I can get some, thanks in advance, sorry don't have any pics. Sorted.... Went down to local bodyshop, asked them if they had any, they are not a Nissan part, they have them, they need a fitting tool, similar to a pop rivet gun, and are going to do them when they sort a minor rust problem next monday. Why can't they make things easy, the time wasted trying to sort them is annoying grrrrrr.
  8. Thanks for the replies, when I got my silly head off, I found article telling how to pack the spring loaded poppers with coins or tap washers, 2 washers in each of them and tailgate lifts the right amount, no having to fiddle on with it.
  9. Hi Jimmy Do you have the two tailgate lifters, one of mine has a tag missing, don`t know the correct name for them, but they are about 3" long and have convoluted rubber over springs. Thanks David
  10. Hi Got my silly head on, tailgate was not lifting off catch properly when opening, so I put some tap washers in to help spring openers, problem solved. one of the assisters had one of the bayonet tags broken, works but need to get another, what is the correct name for them and where is the best place to acquire one or two of them.
  11. Hi Modo It only did it on below freezing day, is ok on normal days, thanks for your advice.
  12. In this cold weather my air con has started making a tinkling noise, any idea, dear or cheap fix? Thanks in advance
  13. Solution was so simple, problem was the coloured polarity washers not allowing clamp to go down far enough, will probably have more common sense when my broken arm is healed.
  14. The clamp on the earth strap is fully tightened and is not enough to tighten onto battery post, I assume the post on uk batteries must be marginally small, and new strap will probably be the same, battery is not old. my Mr2 was similar, but did tighten on to post. Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. Just got car back from being MOT`d and serviced, all it needed to pass was a new wiper blade Just under £300 from a Nissan Dealer, and they also washed it for free, and collected it and delivered it, as I have a broken arm at the moment.



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