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  1. There are quite a few things on these 350`s that are not in the manuals, thanks for that, I am sure shortly after I got the car it did show some kind of display, while we are in that neck of the woods what is the thing actually on the windscreen, is it to do with the climate control? Thanks to you both for the advice.
  2. Alex... will try and get underneath tomorrow, not so easy when you`re a pensioner.
  3. Alex... One of the sensors had fallen apart, do you have any? Shezza... took photo with phone, pain in the butt to get to laptop, going out now with camera. Photos added.
  4. Alex... Surely cant be all four sensors. Shezza... Will send pic tomorrow, it is a Dolphin Sensor setup. Have an owners manual, but it is not much help. Thanks for replies.
  5. Parking sensors not working, one beep when put into reverse, after quite a hunt found control box has power to it. Display above windscreen not lit up, does this sound like dodgy control box? they have never worked the time I have owned car, so I do not know what is normal. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks David
  6. Hi Alex There is a Nissan siren in front of the spare wheel, drivers side, I assumed it was for alarm, will set it off to make sure. Thanks David
  7. Hi how do I locate parking sensor unit, have looked behind passenger rear light,. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Alex Did you manage to find one? David
  9. Alex, that is fine, how would you like payment>
  10. Hi Alex, what price delivered to NE46 3DZ? David
  11. Hi... Does anyone have a battery cover for sale?
  12. Thanks for the replies, most helpful.
  13. Hi, I am wanting to put my satnav into dash cubby hole, does the cubby hole remove easily, as I want to put hole through for cable, I hate to damage things, that is why I am asking. Thanks in advance.
  14. I am trying Alex, had stuff from him before, have bookmarked the £32 one, thanks
  15. Hi Alex, would you have an engine oil dipstick for a 2004  350GT with DE engine, rubber seal

    is torn with some missing on mine. Tanks David



      In stock David,


      Let me check the condition of the seal when I am in the shop tomorrow.





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