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  1. Hi Alex   

    Have been having problems with tailgate, fitted new struts, but still having problems, it 

    will work for a while but goes back to not opening properly after a run in car, do you have 

    the mechanism that is inside, and price please. 

    Car is 2004 



    1. chefey


      Hi, are you on holiday or ill ?

    2. chefey


      It`s unlike you not to answer.

  2. SORTED..... I am in, interior release with someone outside to lift, so easy when you now how, can now sort problem, and also remove weight, thanks for all replies.
  3. Non of these things work, sadly.
  4. Been in workshop manual, tells you all about the workings, but not what to do if you can`t get in. Starting to get frustrated. will try you tube vids, but ones I have seen so far don`t tell you. hmmphhh
  5. When it is up the 1/4 inch, it is like the bonnet before you release the catch, it is not just the weight, does that help any ?
  6. Hi Paul Can`t get that far, opens 1/4 inch to catch, then won`t open any further, even with interior cable pull, even pulling with fingers then clicking unlock on fob twice in succession. Any ideas? David
  7. Having problems getting into boot. Button under tailgate will sometimes get it to open 1/4 ", as will release on suspension brace, any ideas to fix this, thanks in advance.
  8. On my little reader it came up as P01065, anyway I was picking up my partners car from the garage after MOT and service, Nathan, one of the mechanics put their reader on, and it showed it was a historical code, cleared it, it has not come back on, so fingers crossed, thanks for reply.
  9. Steady engine management light on, code reader shows Pending P01065, cannot find this on code list. Can someone advise me, thanks in advance.
  10. There are quite a few things on these 350`s that are not in the manuals, thanks for that, I am sure shortly after I got the car it did show some kind of display, while we are in that neck of the woods what is the thing actually on the windscreen, is it to do with the climate control? Thanks to you both for the advice.
  11. Alex... will try and get underneath tomorrow, not so easy when you`re a pensioner.
  12. Alex... One of the sensors had fallen apart, do you have any? Shezza... took photo with phone, pain in the butt to get to laptop, going out now with camera. Photos added.
  13. Alex... Surely cant be all four sensors. Shezza... Will send pic tomorrow, it is a Dolphin Sensor setup. Have an owners manual, but it is not much help. Thanks for replies.
  14. Parking sensors not working, one beep when put into reverse, after quite a hunt found control box has power to it. Display above windscreen not lit up, does this sound like dodgy control box? they have never worked the time I have owned car, so I do not know what is normal. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks David
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