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  1. Clearing out the garage to make up some space and time to shift some of the things ive had kicking about for a while; All items came off 2005 DE Engine Cover - £40 Plenum (Perfect for polishing!) - £50 MAF + Housing (Bought off bob @ tarmac and turns out i didnt need it, works perfectly) - £40 Stock Springs - £30 Spare Wheel (never used to my knowledge) - £50 Old Wheels (Dont know brand) - Dire need of a refurb and some new tyres 3-5mm left of tread on each tyre and one has a bubble- 19inch tyre profile is Front - 235/35... Rear - 265/35 --- £150 or closest offer Would prefer collection (especially on wheels) but can ship at buyers expense based in NN9
  2. Apoc124

    RE050 Ecopia.

    Size is correct for that brand of bridgestone - not a great rating on them either https://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre/bridgestone-potenza-re050-ecopia?gclid=CjwKCAjwzoDXBRBbEiwAGZRIeAk2HDw01UE41SpsM4C_ksQ3RjZKmjHwGvakORcAosuRPLJqcodbFRoCwpEQAvD_BwE 129 a tyre could do better, personal preference leaning towards some falkens for the same sort of price...
  3. Apoc124

    Mars next stop :)

    If flat earth is real then we are on the shoulders of 4 elephants that stand on the shell of a giant space turtle called The Great A'Tuin
  4. Apoc124

    Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    1. Andy James + Kat. PAID,Tracktime 10.20,12.40 2. Shezza - PAID 3. Valy - PAID 4. Keyser +1 - PAID 5. Paul k + Dawn - PAID 6. Nso93- PAID 7. Humpy - PAID 8. G1en - PAID 9. Rickdon - PAID 10. VeilsideZ 11. Beb + Colombia. PAID. Tracktime 10:20, 12:40 12. Bob94+1 PAID 13. Buster - PAID 14. Lumby101+1 PAID 15. Teejay+1 16. Flashback PAID 17. Modo +1 18. TT350 (try) 19. Papa 20. Olly350z - PAID 21. Louis350z (not on here) - PAID 22. alexclabbs 23. Jay84 - PAID 24. jackf + 1 - PAID 25. Dillydot82 +1 PAID 26. retro_al PAID 27. 350z South West 28. EzeePzee 29. cs2000 - PAID + Tracktime @ 13:40 30. chippychip123 +1 31. Mark123 32. DrMurderDeath +1 33. cloud1440 34. Nismoandy +1PAID 35. Conlonl 36. Apoc124 - PAID 37. LewisH - PAID 38. pintopete58 PAID 39. KG350z PAID 40. SUPRAWOOKIE +1 PAID 41. LMStaples + 1 42. BenHz33 + 1 PAID 43. ShortPaul +1 44. Zero:One +1 PAID 45. wvSTUwv +1 PAID Tracktime @ 13:40 46. Mr.szarvas +1 PAID 47. Kingsley + 1 - PAID 48. V1H 49. Cob1980 (+1?) 50. Mattrwebb +1 51. Jake.Lowther +1 (PAID 2 Tickets) 52. 14N 53. 350gottwins +1 (paid2tickets) 54. Jonnymonno +1 PAID x2 55. KBAD + 1 56. Matt V6Z +1 Paid Track time @ 9:40 57. Yorkie +1 PAID 58. GracieB + 1 59. Sebastian PAID , Tracktime 10.40 60. Zebedy + 1 61. RoxZ + 1 62. Stephanie 63. MatthewThain 64. Kostask +1 PAID 65. Chris141084 +1 PAID 66. Stocker11 +1 PAID 68. Finners PAID 69. bam350z +1 PAID 70. AbiiPow +1 PAID 71. MattRwebb +1 paying on 23rd Feb 72. N15GTE (Richard James + Sharon James) PAID 73. eroll_350z - Plus 1 (2 Adult Tickets) - PAID 74. Coops1958 + 1 PAID 75. Cloud1440 paid 76. Shire350z + 1 PAID 77. MarkSt 78. Stevod 79. Mambofever PAID 80. Gorbash (Ian + Gen) PAID 81. kayjay0_7 - PAID 82. Harry-HR PAID 83. WwZed, Track time 10:20 PAID 84. Sisson18 +1 PAID 85. Andy_Muxlow. PAID 86. Mark350Z +1 PAID 87.Liviu Broscoi PAID
  5. Hi All, Next MK Stadium meet has bee organised for the 27th of March, come down and say hi usual time of 7pm onwards If the weather isn't great we will meet at the stadium then move upto a underground where its warmer and out of the way! 1) Apoc124 2) 3) Car park by the MK Dons stadium. Unit A8 MK1 Shopping Park Stadium Way, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST
  6. Apoc124

    G.R.A.M.S Rear window Louvers [FINALLY]

    alot of people ive seen on facebook who have bought them have all said they are @*!# quality and have sent them back for a full refund or a "quality" replacement they either turn up warped and not fitting correctly or split and cracked... id say purchase at your own risk of a "told you so" and a long tedious fight of getting a replacement or a refund.
  7. Apoc124

    G.R.A.M.S Rear window Louvers [FINALLY]

    steer clear of them there is alot of people sending them back after they bought the grams ones for **** poor quality, either wait until someone here in the UK can make a decent metal set or buy from the US
  8. buuuuuump lets see some new faces
  9. We are back Bitches! Alot of people have been asking us on Facebook and our old threads on here when the next one will be so we have got ourselves sorted and next MK Stadium meet will be on Tuesday the 27th at our usual time of 7pm Onwards come down and say hi 1) Apoc124 2) 3) Car park by the MK Dons stadium. Unit A8 MK1 Shopping Park Stadium Way, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST
  10. Apoc124

    Santa pod 2018

    Wookie did it last year but not heard much from him recently but im sure we will get something sorted for it. When is it this year?
  11. Apoc124

    Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Andy James + Kat Shezza Valy Keyser Paul k + Dawn Nso93 Humpy G1en Rickdon VeilsideZ Beb + Colombia Bob94 Buster and Netti Lumpy101 Teejay+1 Flashback Modo +1 TT350 (try) Papa Olly350z Louis350z (not on here) alexclabbs Jay84 jackf + 1 Dillydot82 +1 retro_al 350z South West EzeePzee cs2000 chippychip123 +1 Mark123 DrMurderDeath +1 Reeceybeaney Nismoandy +1 Conlonl Apoc124
  12. Apoc124

    Uni royal tyres

    ive used the uniroyal raisport 3s for over a year now and had not many grumbles with the, the one major thing they do have is a very soft sidewall and flex's a little too much for some peoples liking going round tight corners at speed, even though your planted it does feel like the rear is going to step out on them. i would reccomened the MSS4s if you have the cash as they are head and shoulders above the uniroyals but personally as someone who doesnt have the cash for MSS4s if your not doing tracks or pushing it like crazy around a corner i believe uniroyals are a perfectly fine alternative for the price they come with, they are amazing wet tyres and last a good period of time.
  13. Apoc124

    G.R.A.M.S Rear window Louvers [FINALLY]

    Thats a shame, i have the GRAMS sideskirts aswell and as you say they're really good quality. maybe this was just a bad mould seeming its a new item, still tempted by these myself so will be interesting to see what the fitment is like aswell if they are as good as the skirts.
  14. Apoc124

    G.R.A.M.S Styling rocket bunny style kit

    fitted myself with a hand from a mate to hold them up to measure the holes to know where to drill, all we did was clean them up and the underside of the car with some double sided tape as extra support took us all of a hour to do the whole fitting.
  15. Apoc124

    G.R.A.M.S Styling rocket bunny style kit

    i have the side skirts from them, quality feels good and came well packaged. they are made from FRP which i assume the rocket bunny kit is also made from, only thing is none of it came predrilled for any of the holes for fitting so i imagine youll need to do that on the kit also.