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  1. What time are people getting there / staying until? Going to try and slip out of work early
  2. Was following a black 370Z down Bedford High Street on Monday (I think). Was admiring it so much I didn't notice the other silver 350Z behind me, we had a nice little convoy going for a minute, anyone on here?
  3. Received, just got to get around to fitting it now. Thanks for the speedy delivery
  4. +1 MKer here, work in MK. MK is actually the reason I even have a 350Z. I used to ride a motorcycle to work but got hit by cars twice in two months while riding in MK (5 years riding without an accident in Bedford) so switched to a car, and that car was a 350
  5. Sorry to butt in, assuming that's missing a "D" in there and you work at Red Bull, I work just down the road in the Yusen warehouse
  6. 1. andy James +1 - Paid Track time 12.20/13.40 2.Humpy 3. Nso93  4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow - Paid 6. Chippychip123 +1  7.Jay84 8. Coopen87 - Paid 9. SHEZZA 10.
  7. Received the order today and fitted, very straight forward and looks great, thanks very much
  8. Received the order today and fitted it. Easy enough to do, removing the old badges took a lot of patience and a couple of hours, they were stuck on really well. Got them off in the end though and the new ones look great
  9. I'd like to come, will be my first show 1. andy James +1 2.Humpy 3. Nso93 4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow 6. Chippychip123 +1  7.Jay84 8. Coopen87 9. 10.
  10. Would you take £80 for both on collection?
  11. Potentially interested in the plenum and engine cover if still available?
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